Water Retention, Bloating, PMS, Ugh !!

  1. Do any of you suffer from water retention ? If so what do you do to help control it ?

    Do you take Herbs ?
  2. I usually take Midol...I don't usually feel so big/bloated when I take Midol...seems to work for me.:yes:
  3. I never had a lot of luck with otc meds.

    Vitamin B6 flushes water through your system (be sure to eat a balanced diet and drink lots of water). 100-200 mg 2 times daily.

    Magnesium, when taken before cramping starts, totally eliminates cramps for me. If taken during cramping, it gradually (like over 30 mins to an hour) alleviates the problem. Why? It isn't really the magnesium, it's the calcium in your body that prevents/gets rid of cramps: BUT your body can't process calcium w/o magnesium. 100-200 mg 2 times a day is enough for me.

    For bloating, I haven't found a sure-fire natural remedy. However, if you find a good anti-gas product with magnesium in it (usually in the "inactive ingredients"), you are treating both the bloating and the cramping.
  4. I just avoid excess salt. I take midol but that helps a little. I'm not sure if OTC diuretics are helpful. There's a oral contraceptive called Yasmin that has diuretic properties built in.
  5. I do, but only around that time of month. I don't take any medicine for it, I just wait it out.
  6. I don't take any meds except motrin when I get cramps. I've never tried herbs.

    I do feel puffy and bloated when I PMS and ironically what helps me is to drink MORE water! Sounds weird but it really keeps me flushed out.

    Also a little exercise. This is a hard one because when I'm cranky and my boobs feel like they should be popped and drained :lol: I actually find that a brisk walk or treadmill, working up a sweat really helps! Maybe it's sweating out that extra water retention.
  7. Yes, I do suffer from water retention but I don't think I have found anything that will prevent it.

    I usually take 2 Midols right when I wake up the first day, since 1 doesn't usually help but the rest of my period (doesn't last long, only 3 or so days) I don't need anything.

    Buuuuut, I do have to pee a lot during my period and I usually feel less bloated at the end so I guess that's my body's way of getting rid of the excess water.
  8. Agreed!:yes: It helps me feel more like myself if I drink a TON of water when I'm PMSing...less sleepy...curbs the bloat...all in all, I just feel healthier!!:shrugs: Doesn't make sense, but, eh...it works!
  9. Does anyone actually gain water weight? Like does the scale actually show a higher number? Do your clothes sometimes not even fit right? Or is it just me getting fatter by the second....
  10. Oh the joys of being a woman.

    I don't have cramps or anything like that but I occasionally get this.. discomfort in my stomach and lower back.. it feels like I have a balloon in there if that makes any sense. It's most likely bloating since Midol seems to make the discomfort go away for a couple hours LOL!
  11. Thats very interesting. The ONLY thing that helps my cramps is Aleve, honestly...even doctor prescribed pain meds wont help!
    I will have to run out and buy some magnesium, that would be awesome if it works for me!
    To the OP, I bloat a tad bit...but I just wait it out. It isnt anything significant and not really uncomfortable for me.
    I hope you find something that helps though!!
  12. lots of water and green tea
  13. Yes I can gain up to 5 pounds before my period. But it is just water, it will go again. So don't worry you are not getting fatter by the second!!
  14. If yonnie into juicing make a juicewith either melons, celery, water cress, apple, or a combination of any- they are good diuretics
  15. Bloat is my middle name during PMS babe (along w/ biotch!)
    I try to drink lots of water and exercise. I actually do gain about 2-3 lbs during this time no matter what, but it comes right off.