Water resistant summer make-up?

  1. Sadly I am a bit of a foundation and coverage junkie. My make-up is pretty low key otherwise, but I like my skin to look flawless.:girlsigh:

    This is an obvious problem in the summer, sweating and all!
    I would also consider wearing something on the beach, a product that wont block my pores, but still mae me look flawless. For this I am planning on trying Mac Face&Body, which is water resistent (and a spc creme underneath.

    Now I am searching for a slightly fuller coverage, non oily foundation that is water resistant (I hear water proof is not good for the skin) that will stop sweat marks and still look hot :shame: . Does anyone have any ideas?

    Ps. Also if anyone knows of a water proof concealer for scars that would also be great! :yahoo:
  2. Sorry, no info on any coverage, but if you're looking for a good waterproof mascara, I use (all the time, actually) Bourjois "Pump up the Volume" waterproof, and I think it's fab.

    Good luck!

  3. Revlon Colorstay! (They have different options in coverage.)

    I used to wear full makeup to crew practice and all the girls would ask me how I looked like I stepped off a runway after our workouts/practice. The answer: Colorstay!!! :yes: Same goes for those hot & humid nights clubbing out in the Hamptons. :smile:
  4. Thanks Kathleen, I am also in the lookout for a good waterproof mascara! Ill check that one out!

    TheImportersWife: Thanks so much! I will def try it out!!
    It seems it gives full coverage as well! (checked it out online), thats exactly what I need. Would you say it is water proof or water resistant?
    And does it come out with soap or waterproof makeup remover or something?
  5. MAC Studio Fix over Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Cream as a primer. Great coverage and you can dive with that stuff without it coming off at all! basically my face is always waterproof...
  6. You definitely need soap or a makeup remover to remove the liquid foundation. I'd consider the foundation more waterproof, but if you're spending a full day in the water, it will eventually wear off by the end of the day. (I don't know about the powders/shadows because I don't really use them.)
  7. Shisheido uv protection compact foundation