Water "resistant" or "proof" H bags?

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  1. I remember we had a thread listing the degree different types of leather can handle rain/water...
    If anyone can find that please let me know because I've searched for it...but no luck!

    Also, living in a place where is rains 75% of the time... I would like to know what are the best H bags for rainy days? (maybe other than ostrich?)

    Thanks! :P
  2. Fjord, then Chevre, then Togo/Clemence
  3. My BJ Swift Birkin got a little wet last night. I wiped it off and it was fine. It was not saturated though.
  4. Greentea you move so fast! Have you applied to be store manager...no I mean CEO or Hermes yet? You are just too good!
  5. oooh Fjord.... Hmmm* awesome!
  6. maybe you could also spray the birkin with vectra for extra water resistance...
  7. hehe, now THAT would be dangerous! :graucho:
  8. Thanks cxyvr.. I was looking for such information as well :smile:
  9. Oh no wonder my Fjord rubbed down well and was none the worse for wear when it got rain all over it the other day :smile:
  10. :nuts: i LOVE hearing this! :yahoo: :smile:
  11. Fjord is TOTALLY the BEST! I absolutley LOVE it! I would really like a JPG in it:smile:)) Wishful thinking, huh! LOL!
  12. Howdy HiHeels :yes: Happy holidays! Does this mean you have a Fjord-something lurking in your closet? :wlae:
  13. I know, my SA told me Fjord is her fave leather as she has seen many customers with Fjord that lasts and lasts over the 20 years she has been with Hermes. The leather wears really well. Why don't you try to SO your JPG in Fjord and see if they will make an exception? You never know until you ask :wlae:
  14. oh i've got a big fat Fjord-something lurking in my dreams! yes sir, every night. what do you have to say about the heavy weight of fjord? i'm kookoo for the leather!