Water repellent for light-colored leather bag?


Aug 3, 2011
I just received my Flamingo Chloe Madeleine bag and would like to spray it with a water repellent since I live in rainy South Florida. I've read various threads and these are the options I've read about...

1. Vectra 16 Shoe - Handbag - Apparel Spray
2. Shining Monkey Fabric Protector
3. Apple Brand Garde' Rain & Stain Repellent
4. Lovinmybags (LMB) Miracle Shield
5. Cadillac Leather Shield Spray
6. Collonil Waterstop spray
7. Collonil Nubuck And Velours Spray
8. Meltonian Water & Stain Protector Spray
9. Wilson's Leather & Suede Protector Spray
10. Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP (Leather Preservative)

1. Meltonian Cleaner Conditioner – removes scratches
2. Apple Brand Leather Care Conditioner
3. Coach Leather Conditioner
4. Lovinmybags (LMB) Conditioner
5. Cadillac Cream – removes scratches
6. Collonil 1909 Premium Leather Crème
7. Leather Honey
8. Bick4 Leather Conditioner
9. Leather Only One Step

Any recommendations on a water repellent for this new Flamingo (light pink) leather bag?? Thanks!



Aug 3, 2011
Thank you!! Yes, I tried on that forum as well. I figured I would just ask in general since it seems (maybe I'm wrong) the leather is just regular leather so the advice could apply to many different types of bags.

Thanks for the patch test advice. I'm definitely opting for a spray. I'm just not sure which one to use! :confused1: My biggest concern is 1. Absolutely no color change and 2. Good waterproofing.