Water on LV strap

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  1. grant me strength not to KILL my stepson , he spilled ( thankfully water, it could have been soda) on my new LV Noe , it was not much but i have never really gotten a water mark on the leather is there anything to do ? :worried:
  2. Just dry it off..which I assume you would have already done, sadly the water mark will stay on the leather. Just think of it as
    personalization? Ouch! I'm sure your step-son feels pretty bad.
  3. he does the poor thing, but he's a good kid ... he even said ... "I'll buy you a new one... i have like 50 dollars saved up ......that made me giggle ...:P
  4. Eventually, it'll just blend in with your patina. :smile:
  5. i hear you - but at least it was water.

    my dog peed when i picked him up and splattered on my new speedy. sigh...

    yes i'm waiting for it to blend in with patina... eventually...
  6. I hate spots of any kind as well...I spilled Champagne alllllllllllllllllllll over my Alma a few years ago...that bag is history now! Why put patina on the bottom of a bag!! I gave it to one of $10 carrying relatives. (ouch that sounded snobbish)
    I LOVE that your stepson offered to buy you a new one...what a nice boy.
  7. Dear Celesus, this might be the solution: The other day i went to LV to buy a Speedy and the manager told me that if i got a water mark on the leather, i should damp cloth and pass it over the whole surface so that the rest of the leather would reach the same tone. And do that the first day and the next day, once it was all dried, check if the colors matched. If not, repeat the same thing and wait until the next day and so on. She assured me that would correct it. Why don't you try. I so much hope it works out! And please, let me know in case the same thing happens to me.
  8. part of the memories.....

    it'll be fine. i soaked my bucket in the salty ocean waters of the bahamas..... looks fine.....
  9. LOL... I really do appreciate every one's help and personal experiances ... it makes me very happy to know that i'm defianatly not alone. BTW i did try the damp washcloth trick and it really does seem to help, I think that's a winning tip :P

    - and I did make sure to tell my little stepson that wanting to spend copious amounts of money on a new bag for a girl is a WONDERFUL trait :biggrin: