Water Marbling

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  1. Has anyone had any success doing this themselves. I found a bunch of youtube torts. but cant get it to work out right :sad:

    For those who dont know, water marbling is when you take water, and add in different nail polish colors and make a design, or just a simple swirl, and then dip you nail into it. It leaves a very unique nail effect.

    anyone have any advice?
  2. I thought this was done with paint and not polish>
  3. Every video i found has used nail polish, and for them it turns out amazing, i guess i just need to keep practicing
  4. I've actually tried water marbling and for the first time I think it came out okay. I only did two fingers and one came out messed up but the other one came out nice. I would just make sure that you slowly take your fingers out of the water so that you don't get any bubbles.


    I reccommend this user:
  5. Interesting! I'm gonna check this out. Thanks! ;)
  6. my sister used to do this in the 90s lol but it never came out good
  7. omg...i have to try!
  8. I've seen it but never tried it. The tutorials make it look so easy but I know it's not.
  9. I am gonna keep trying it, bag girl yours came out awesome!
  10. It looks so cool
  11. Its not that hard, but just remember to put tape on. I forgot my first time and my finger was marbled! lol A couple days ago I had yellow nails with a blue and green marble, I looked like a hippie!