water intake

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  1. I recall a year or two years ago there were websites that would tell you how many glasses you should drinking in relaiton to your weight and there was something also about how many glasses in relation to your weight should be drinking to lose a few extra pounds

  2. How about just switching to water entirely, instead of pop, or juice or whatever.
  3. Water gets boring after a while. Plus you get tired of goig to the bathroom all the time.
  4. I Agree With You However In The Past I Have Lost A Few Pounds Via Water
  5. Water may get "boring" but it is the easiest way to change your diet and lose a few pounds. You should be drinking about 4-6 oz of water every few hours. Soda really isn't that good for you at all and adds a ton of calories (I'm not a fan of diet- not good for you IMO) andas much as juice is healthy, it also ads a ton of unwanted calories if you drink too much of it.
  6. Could you explain about the diet soda? I can certainly tell when I drink it, as I kind of bloat a bit. But, is it nutritionally bad for you Megs? I have read that you should use it as a "treat" when dieting, but then read other places that it is bad for you.

    What about flavored waters, such as Fruit2O? I drink these when I get bored with water.
  7. I was reading in the People weight & fitness issue..you should drink 1 ounce of water for every pound you weigh.
  8. *Eeek* I think that would drown me... :biggrin:

  9. I hope you don't mind me asking, but would that be because of the aspartame? I've read a few bits and pieces, really slating it, but if you start looking, it seems to be in LOADS of stuff.

    Is there any serious research either ongoing or complete in relation to what it does and doesn't do?

    To be honest, it sort of put me off, that the chap that did the Atkins diet, hated it so much. Pot and kettle always came to mind....


  10. I can drink close to a gallon a day. Actually, maybe even a gallon. On a day when I don't drink much, at least 10 10 oz glasses.
  11. i heard if you drink TOO much water- it can be bad for you...
  12. just dont eat after 7pm. :P hahaha.
  13. ^^too much of anything can be bad for you!;)
    You can add the little travel packs of Crystal Light or Lipton to your water bottles, this has been helping me tremendously getting the water down.
    The bad thing about diet sodas is the preservatives and just junky ingredients, also the carbonated water has been proven to cause bone density loss-osteoporosis.
    But alas, I drink at least one Diet Coke a day.
    But have made HUGE improvements in my water intake w/ those little packets I mentioned.
  14. ^^

    I'm the same, with my one can of Caffeine free Diet Coke a day.. (I know, I know, caffeine free, what's the point??)

  15. I agree, if you just switch to only water you will definitely lose weight. I did it and really noticed a difference.