Water Fountain for pets?

  1. Okay, so my BF has this cat that is always trying to drink from the faucet when I’m washing my face, brushing my teeth, etc. The kitty is cute, but it’s driving me nuts. Does anyone use the Drinkwell pet fountain or something similar? Any feedback/advice would really be appreciated!
  2. My 3 dogs and 2 cats are terrified of the thing. I'd say go for it and give it a try - what could it hurt? Just make sure you still change the water regularly to avoid build up of uckies, and make sure it does not run low of water or I'd imagine the pump would burn out. I could be wrong though - so check them out and let me know! :smile:
  3. i have a water cooler for my pups..it helped alot bc one giant bowl a day was never enough..i think they just need to know its there for them..idk but if the cooler isnt filled they freak out and will even flip it over and thrash it about the house till i refill it..id say def get one..
  4. i have one, and my pets love it (3 dogs, 2 cats)...
  5. I don't remember what brand mine is, but I got one a few mos ago on the recommendation of my vet, and my cats love it. It was hilarious when I set it up... I put it near their food bowl and about a two feet away from the water fountain all three sat in a line just staring at the fountain for a few minutes... they didn't know what to make of it. I did leave their old water bowl out until I was sure they had all switched to the fountain.

    My vet really encouraged switching to the fountain because it supposedly helps cats drink more water, since most cats apparently do not get enough water.

    Mine is super quiet unless the water gets low. My now two cats drink about one reservoir full of water a day, so I just fill it up every morning and it never even starts being loud. Just like a regular bowl, you have to clean it regularly and the cleaning is a little more involved, you have to take everything apart but really, not difficult.
  6. My mom's cats use one of these and love it. The vet recommended it because one of them was not drinking enough water and I guess that the fountain makes it more appealing. I think it took them a little while to get used to it, but now they love it.