Water Bottle Pocket?

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    Yesterday I ordered a large wtm in pewter. And I'm considering adding the water bottle feature. I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with this add on? Do you love or does it get in the way?

    I"m thinking it can be quite useful just as long as it doesn't change the shape of my bag or get in the way of my contents too much inside.

    I'd love to hear opinions!

    I have until next week to finalize my order.

    Pewter WTM in purple lining here I come!!!!!!
  2. Hi lovebags, I love this feature since it works with bottles and other items (sunnies, umbrella, or small items like pen, hand gel, mints) that you want to keep confined in a space. I actually think this feature is less likely to get in the way in a WTM, since a WTM isn't too deep and the pocket will take up the entire side. I have this in the LM Mini (I was actually the first to ask for this modification as I had plans of using my LM as a diaper bag) and find it convenient, but since it is right smack in the middle of the side panel, I had to make do without the detachable middle compartment.
    I believe that since the 1st version, there are others who have had their pockets attached to the back side of the interior, or to a corner on the inside, to free up more room for the middle (I don't know if I am making any sense here).

    I don't think it will change the shape of the WTM at all, and since the full size is pretty big, I doubt it will get in the way of the contents either. The pocket is about 4 inches deep, and if it's empty, doesn't really take up much space.

    I hope this helps.
  3. The water bottle pocket is one of the features I added to my BEC Hold Me. I neither love it nor hate it - gee that sounds so lukewarm, doesn't it.

    I like it because I know it keeps my water bottle secure and not rolling all around in the huge bag that the Hold Me is. I always worry about my water leaking and with it in the bag it's secure and safe (although it never has leaked!).

    So I think it's a good feature. HTH.
  4. Ladies, I have a question re the water bottle.

    When I travel I enjoy carrying a larger water. Do you think the pocket will hold at least a 20 ounce?

    Thanks for your input. I ordered it already in my pewter wtm the other day!

    Can't wait to receive this bag. October does seem like a way off still, no?
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    Last edited: Jul 31, 2009
    It always amazes me why people need to carry water in the first place.:shrugs:Mind you, I must live in one of the wettest regions of the planet so it's all pretty superfluous to me!:biggrin: I guess if someone is living in a very dry, arid climate, it's just the thing.

    ETA: Eeek, realized this sounds a bit eeew! No disrespect intended - I am seriously in a wet area and realize others may not be.:smile:
  6. Lovebags it depends on how wide the bottle is. I normally carry a 500 ml bottle in my bag (16 oz) and have no problem with that.
  7. Thanks! I'll hope for the best with my 20 oz but as long as I can get 16 I'll be just fine!

    Hi CB! I hope your having a great summer. I sure am but my only complaint is it's going by way too fast!