Water bottle mishap...

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  1. So...I was at the doctor's office yesterday and haphazardly stuck my water bottle in bag when they called my name. Well, as you can imagine, the cap was not completely on and the entire bottle emptied out into my new acorn Lindsey. There is some slight discoloration and water mark after the bag dried; in addition, the leather that got wet now feels gross and stiff. Any suggestions on how I can fix this issue? I can live with the color, especially since it's on the back of the bag; however, what can I do to make the leather soft again? It feels horrible at the moment. Should I get Coach leather moisturizer? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  2. Apple leather conditioner would probably do the trick.
  3. also look into leather honey
  4. Sorry this happened, ouch!
  5. I would post in the rehab thread and see what the girls there say!
  6. Maybe you should give the bag a whole bath and then moisturize. Check the rehab thread
  7. Give the leather conditioner tip a try, that would probably do the trick.
  8. Wow I’m surprised the leather is that sensitive, sounds like a moisturizer would do the trick.
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