Water Births?

  1. I was exploring the possibility of water birth but now as I'm approaching my due date I'm thinking an epidural is the way to go. Natural labor terrifies me and so I thought a water birth was a nice alternative.

    Any thoughts?
  2. I don't know about the water birth (that was not offered for me) but I had no drugs and it was so cool to see my body literally TAKE OVER at the end.

    It is so up to you, but I will never get an epidural. Ever. I understand your fears but after experiencing natural (I had two or three injections of I don't know what but it didn't work at all so I quit getting that 2 hours in) childbirth but it was really not as bad as some say.

    And I was in induced labor for 5 days before they finally broke my water.

    You can do this! You are a woman for cryin' out loud! God made women to carry men's babies because we are stronger!!!!

    Good luck in your decision! There are a lot of mommies here with many different experiences! You go girl!!! :tup:
  3. I should have added that my daughter was a vaginal delivery with the help of an epidural. As far as labor goes it was pretty darn easy that's why the thought of a natural (lengthy) birth scares the **** out of me.
  4. I had a water birth, all natural with no medications and I can only recommend it! I'm a real wimp when it comes to pain and I have a very low pain threshold :smile:
  5. oh I hope sadja sees this! She's a homebirth advocate, I bet she has some wise words for this topic!
  6. Oh do try the waterbirth..less than 3 weeks ago our youngest had her second daughter on our porch in the water birthing tub, easy labor, deer outside in the woods watching us, her two year old at my elbow helping me (I was the midwife)..truly a wonderful way to birth..also as baby Isabella had a shoulder dystocia, the water aided in manipulating mother and child's position for a safe birthing..the three of our daughters who have chosen waterbirthing swear that the pain is reduced as soon as they enter the tub..try it, you can always revert to plan B later!
  7. So far I'm ok with the idea of a water birth. Now we are deciding if we should do it in home or at a medical facility. My midwife is awesome so I think a home birth might go well but the thought is freaking my mom out. I think I prefer a medical facility just in case something goes wrong. I went thru most of this pg worry-free until now. I am stressed :sad:
  8. yep Swanky, i spotted the bat signal ;)

    i am totally for all-natural homebirth for non-high risk pregnancies. water birth is definitely the way to go if you are fearful of pain. coincidentally, you said that your use of an epidural made your first labor pretty easy. natural labors can be easy too. it's really a mind-body thing. most women i know who have natural labors and have a positive outlook going in, tend to have better birth experiences. and consider that this is your second child so the labor will most likely be faster anyway since you are a multipara now.

    waterbirth is used all over the world and is quite popular in Europe where they have some of the lowest incidence of infant mortality and complications during pregnancy. i think the U.S. is now rated like 17th in the world in terms of maternal complications during labor. not too great for such a large superpower. the netherlands has the highest incidence of homebirth in the world and they have EXCELLENT birth outcomes. i think homebirths occur in something like 50-60% of all births. waterbirths are very common there.

    as a homebirther, i can tell you, that is one of the best adventures you can have. i, admittedly, have a high threshold for pain but i had a LOT of fear of childbirth. the pain wasn't really as bad as i thought it would be. labor pain never elicited that "fight or flight" response for me that normal pain does. my scratched cornea hurt ten times worse than childbirth. in natural labor, the body is allowed to emit natural hormones that provide relief but also cause your body to relieve itself of muscle memory such that, when the baby is born, the memories of the pain almost immediately dissipate. the water helps to provide a womb-like atmosphere for the mother that provides another layer of comfort and pain relief. that's why jacuzzis are so popular LOL!

    my first child was born in the bathroom during an emergency unassisted childbirth. he was 9 lbs. 21 inches and when he was scored, his Apgar rating was a 9. a totally healthy baby birthed by his own mother. it was crazy and surreal and scary but afterwards, it made me realize how natural the process of childbirth is.

    i understand your hesitation and wanting to do the waterbirth in a medical facility, but i would check with the midwife first to make sure you can actually deliver in the water (if that's what you want) most hospitals in the states will let a mother labor in the water as long as the membranes have not ruptured, but require that a mother leave the birthing tub before the actual delivery. also, consider that a medical facility may be staffed by people who don't share your interest in waterbirth and you may be inundated with offers of pain relief and medical interventions that you may not want. usually the offers are made by well-meaning nurses but they usually approach laboring women at their most vulnerable time. if you are unsure, you might wind up with a birth experience unlike the one you envision. just something to think about. the choice is totally yours.

    i pray that you have a great labor and healthy baby, no matter what you decide :love:

    if you, or anyone, wants to read more, i recommend the following books, though there are a lot more out there. these are just my faves :tup::

    Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May Gaskin
    Ina May's Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin
    The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth by Henci Goer
    Gentle Birth Choices (excellent section on waterbirth) by Barbara Harper
    Birthing from Within by Pam England (my least fave, but lots of women love it)
    Waterbirth: A Midwife's Perspective by Susan Napierala (on my to-read list)

    HTH, sorry it's so long, i am a certified pregnancy and birth junkie :upsidedown:
  9. and harlem_cutie, don't let it stress you out. you'll be fine :smile:
  10. thank you so much sajda. That post was very informative. I'm more afraid of pain than anything else and the pg has been pretty easy so *crossing fingers* I'm not expecting any surprises. My midwife and I are going to discuss our options tomorrow.

    Thank you all once again for your input and support:heart: