Water Aerobics

  1. I really need to get in shape. I have been walking everyday but I get bored. So I have been adding in workout videos but now I am bored of that.I did spinning last fall but again I just get bored doing the same thing over and over. My DH suggested swimming since I have always loved the water (hate the bathing suit but love the bathing). My question is: Has anybody ever tried water aerobics? I always thought that it was for old people but I read about in online and looks like fun and apparently you burn twice as many calories running in the water as oppsed to on land. What do you guys think?
  2. I LOVE my water aerobics class!! The insrtructor is awesome! She really gets us going. I wear weights on my arms and legs! I love sweating in the water! I have also takens ome classes that were horrible. Way too easy, and if its not a challenge then I get bored. It also makes a difference if the instructor teaches in the water rather than out..as they can feel the water and keep the class together! For sure try it!!! Its fun!
  3. I teach water aerobics. :smile: As you mentioned there ARE a lot of older women LOL ! I teach at ritzy county clubs so I get a lo of "those ladies":shame:

    Honestly a lot of them come for the social aspect and there is a lot of talking.:s It's very frustrating as an instructor to deal with it. I do sometimes get serious students or younger students who HATE all of the talking. :cursing:

    I tell ALL of my students, you get out of the class what YOU PUT INTO IT !!!! So it's all about the effort you exert against the water !

    You definitely can burn lots of calories if you are trying !:yes:
  4. I have always wanted to try this! My gym doesnt have a pool now but they are thinking of getting one so hopefully they will and I can take advantage of the water areboics!!!!
  5. Love Love Love exercising in the water!!! it's the best. you tone up your body really fast! give it a try!!!