affiliated with jomashop?

  1. Hello all. I was wonsdering if anybody knew if is authentic/affiliated with jomashop? They have the same products and their offices are close to each other in NYC. If you go to the watchsavings website, you have to type in fendi bag in the search, and they have no pictures as of yet, but they are all the same that jomashop has. Watchsavings also has an Amazon account, where i just purchased the denim spy bag. They offer the same exact policies that jomashop offers and both have the same info on their sites. I know that jomashop is legit and i'm praying that watchsavings is also. If not, they offer the same 30 day money back guarantee. When I receive the bag, i will post pics for authentification.

    Any info, please let me know. Thanksss!!:yes:
  2. I don't know the answer for a fact, but I too have noticed the similarities and assumed they're related.
  3. they cancelled my order. :yucky:

    said it was out of stock....

    well my search continues.........
  4. Why don't you still try ordering it through Jomashop, (then you would know if the two are directly affiliated if Jomashop is sold out too)?
  5. Good question. I was wondering about it 3 days ago.
  6. I hate to say it, but this almost confirms to me that watchsavings and jomashop are not only affiliated, but are one and the same. Cancellation of orders is a frequent ocurrence with Jomashop, the single biggest complaint they get. The problem is that their online inventory isn't updated often enough and they end up allowing you to buy something that's out of stock.

    They're still a very good retailer. I've bought 3 Fendis from them and will do so again. Just keep in mind that sometimes you may get disappointed when you get the dreaded out of stock notice.
  7. I agree deco. Both sites are out of the denim spy, and I am out of luck. :sad:

    However, I have had my eye on the zucca spy...:rolleyes:
  8. i also emailed them asking abt Fendi Denim....firstly, i saw one piece was left...but they just replied me tht it was out of stock...then, i checked the website once again...and saw they put "out of stock" over there...i was so i thought i was lucky to get it at $759...poor me:crybaby: ...definitely agree tht they don't update their website often enough
  9. :tdown:watchsavings and joma are the same! watchsavins sells counterfit merchendise, and joma just displays the real thing but never actually has it in stock...

    i ordered a watch. joma had it listed at 350, and watchsavings at 250. of course, i opted for the 250 choice. i received a "knock-off," with a receipt that had both companies on the letterhead. when i contacted them, they said they will "try" to replace for the real thing. two weeks later they emailed to say it's out of stock. i sent the watch back, and asked for a refund. i ened up disputing the charge with my credit card company, and i'm still waiting for resolution. NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM EITHER!!!!!!!:tdown: