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  1. So my hubby and I agree that watches are to men what handbags are to women. However, lately I too have gotten infatuated with high-end watches.

    I have an Hermes Midor that I love a Technomarine SS with diamonds that I adore and I can't stop staring at the Chanel J12 in white..

    Does anyone else here like watches too, and what are your opinions on the J12? (this would be my next Christmas wish-list item, nothing I can have now.) ;)

    Picture coutesy of

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  2. I believe Noriko has the J12, I remember her posting some lovely pictures of it !
  3. loganz, wow that a nice watch! :smile:
  4. The J12 is a hopes and dreams watch for me; and I am sure I could not own one with the diamond bezel, I heard they made it with diamond markers only, which was considerably less than the diamond bezel J12. Honestly though, I like the watch without the diamonds too, I think I would just be happy to own a Chanel watch with or without "girls best friend" on it.
  5. I remember Noriko's pictures... the J12 is gorgeous! The white makes it look so clean. My dad bought my stepmom an Omega Mini Constellation with the diamond bezel for Christmas. While we were at the jewelry store picking it out, I saw some beautiful Dior watches. I think a nice watch will be at the top of my list for a 25th birthday present next year :biggrin:
  6. Nice. I can't wear those big watches, though. My wrists are just too small and they don't sit right. Sigh. Another trend I'll have to watch from the sidelines.
  7. My wrists are extremely small; my Technomarine is a 27mm bezel, the smallest they make. The J12 comes in 33mm, I would have to try it on; it looks good on Nikki Hilton and her wrists seem fairly small.
  8. I have the J12 in black a gift from my parents
  9. I love watches! I currently have three in rotation, but nothing really high end - Swiss Army, Coach, and Michele. I've promised myself that as soon as I pay off my student loans, I will buy a Cartier Tank's my dream watch!
  10. please can you post a picture with it on your wrist? :love:
  11. Movado Classic Museum, gift from my hubby I love it.
  12. it's beautiful! i saw a bunch of different models of that watch at chanel and i couldn't stop staring
  13. loganz i dont know how to post pictures
  14. but i wil give you as much info as i can
  15. Do you have the 33mm?
    with or without diamonds?
    Did you have to have links removed, if so how many?
    Do you think it looks large and imposing, or do you find it feminine but bold?

    Thanks so much - the closest Chanel boutique is Vegas; we go there 1-2 x's a year; so, I will try one on next time. I was a chicken last time and did not want to try one on because I knew we would not be buying. I hate wasting sales people's time.