Watches :- Your Favourite Designers/Non Designers

  1. My favourite is Jacob and Co and I really want one of these, but they are major amounts of money. Does anyone have one? If not what do you have and what would you like to have be it designer or not?
  2. My favorite watch is my Omega Constellation. I have always admired them from afar, just really loved the look of them. I finally decided on one several months ago and I love it still!

    As far as what I would like to have, a Rolex and Cartier Tank would be lovely!
  3. i only buy watches from reputable watchmakers as i consider designer watches a major money burner.
  4. My favorite watch is Frank Muller Aeternitas Version IV. It's my latest acquisition. I'm eyeing now for Parmigiani Kalpa XL Hebdomadaicre Squelette. It's the holy grail of all watches.
  5. I stick to companies that are dedicated watch makers (Seiko, Citizen, and some obscure but excellent watch makers like Louis Erard, Auguste Reymond, Christian Bernard, Lucien Piccard and others). Yes, I also have a watch Jones. :nuts:

    I just don't trust the quality of watches that are made by clothing/shoe/handbag designers.:shrugs:
  6. ^^^Me too. I'm not a great fan of clothes designer watches.
  7. I currently alternate between my Omega Constellation and my Movado museum and love them both.

    I also love the Cartier Tank Francaise, the Chopard Happy Sport collection, and the occasional Rolex.
  8. I wear a watch that I made. LOL I'm my own designer! =D

    Right now it's a Pietersite stone and sterling watch. Previously though I had a freshwater pearl watch and before that a turquoise one.

    But before I made jewelry I think the "fanciest" watch I ever had was an Anne Klein from Macy's. My mom always told me that watches broke too often to spend a lot of money on one. Her favorite watches were always the $20 ones she got at Target.

    My husband on the other hand...oy. He is such a watch snob. LOL He definitely makes up for my lack of spending. Sheesh. And he can't have just one watch either. :upsidedown:
  9. Ooooo, you lucky Dawg!! Chopard is my DREAM watch!!! The DH has a problem with me spending 20K on something a $50 Timex will do,,...

    I've never wanted a Rolex though. The design doesn't do much for me (too masculine IMHO) and there are so many lookalikes out there. I like "girlie' watches. :tender:
  10. I like Raymond Weil watches. Most styles are classic and understated, but not stuffy.
  11. I just recently bought a Rolex, so it is my new love. However, I have several Ebel timepieces and one Raymond Weil and I've always been very happy with them.
  12. The only thing that really disappoints me about women's watches is that most of them have quartz movements. Much as I love my PP Twenty-4, the fact that it shares the same innards as my Swatch is a little distressing! :rolleyes: It's why I can't bring myself to pick up the Chopard Happy Diamonds, but I was more than happy to pick up the Elton John Mille Miglia. I think the larger Chanel J12s are automatics, so those might be worth a closer look.

    The next timepiece buys will be the Kelly watch from Hermès and a TechnoMarine TechnoLady--can't wait!
  13. Am I the only one here who is not a fan of Rolex? :crybaby:
  14. See my post above. I'm not one either. They just never appealed to me. :shrugs:
  15. They don't do much for me. I only like the Cellini collection. :shrugs:

    I currently alternate between Longines and Technomarine, but one of my fav watches is a Casio Pathfinder. :shame: