Watches with a white band: Awesome or Awful?

  1. Despite a lifetime of lumping watches with white bands with white shoes and bags, both personal fashion don'ts, lately I have found myself wondering just what I would wear one with, if I should, by chance, obtain one.

    Could it be a small and subtle way to participate in the white accessory trend? Or is it just a Really Bad Idea?

    Wouldn't it get mighty dirty, with all the buckling and unbuckling, and living right there on your arm, getting stuff like hand lotion and ink and and hair products on it?
  2. I like a white band watch. my michele lets me change bands and have that option. summer is such a short season here that it's fun to do the white thing with the bare clothes of summer with the "fake"tan!
  3. ^ita!!!

    very cute :smile:
  4. I started to ask again how one keeps it clean, but then I saw that pretty one of Hubba's and the band is made of rubber, which would take care of that!

    I am still of two minds, trying to visualize myself in different ones of my white outfits, imagining a white watch on my arm...

    The image is still not quite there. I am fighting a lifetime of anti-white accessory inculcation, so the fact that I am even considering the baby step of a watchband is a testament to - something - I'm not quite sure what yet.

    Thank you for helping me through such a difficult stage of a difficult process.
  5. ^If I were you, I would get a Michele watch that has all of the interchangable bands.

    Get a sterling silver chain band for everyday, a white one for special occasions??
  6. I love the look of a white watch band.
    But I could never get one, becuase I'm extremely clusmy and will probably spill everything on it.
  7. If I was going to get a white watch, it would be the J12. But I like my Stainless Cartier.
  8. I love love love the white J12. It's a beautiful watch and I think the white-look would go great with a tan. However, if it was a choice between the white and black version, I'd go for the black as I don't think I'd be very good at keeping it clean and scratch free. So in answer to your question, I think white watches are beautiful, but I reckon they might be a little impratical for everyday use.
  9. Well Couturegrl, I took your advice, adjusted to my own budget and taste matrix. :smile:

    While browsing "estate sales," I got a little set with a watch and 3 bands, black, white, and a most useful color that will go with anything in the families of pink, brown or peach. The watch itself is white-faced, large-ish, round, with rhinestones all around, of course.
    And guess what? It looks great with white clothes! I like it! :yahoo:

    Thank you all for helping me take what has been for me a giant fashion leap!
  10. ITA, I'm not too big of a fan of white watches but the white J12 is amazing.
  11. I really think it depends on the watch, some of them look gorgeous - others not so good. For me it is definately about the watch!

  12. Actually the white doesn't get dirty at all! I have both the white and black and the black looks dirty more often because of fingerprints. I have never actually had to clean the white though:tup:
  13. The Chanel J12 is made with ceramic, so it would clean relatively easily. With lots of diamonds around the bezel...sigh..gorgeous! .it's on my wish list. For now, I have a white Guess Rock Candy. The band is enamel, so it can chip easily. It does clean ok. I wore it a lot with my white winter coat when I first got it.

  14. Congrats! There is nothing better than getting a great watch!:yahoo::okay: