watches that retain most value?

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  1. Obviously, #1 is Rolex. But how does Chanel J12, Cartiers, Tags and even Yurman compare? Do you think in 10 years that they would be worth anything if I decided to trade up? I know people that have worn Rolex for 10 years and got back exactly what they paid for it initially. Just something to consider as I get ready for my next purchase!
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    It would depend on the model of Rolex. The last one DH had we got a little over 1/4 of what he paid for it. He never wore it, so it was 'new'. (He's had Rolex for 40 years & was tired of them.) Unless you sell it yourself to an end user, you won't get the most value out of it. And the increase in the price of gold could be why your friend got what they paid for it. Who knows.

    We also sold a Tag & a Breitling. One place refuse to even consider taking the Tag, ended up getting $200 for ($2500.00 watch new, no sign of wear) & the $10,000 18ct Breitling bought in 1999, had it had wear on it, they would not of taken it either. I got $2400.00 for it. Had an offer of $800.00 for it. None of these watches were sold to retail locations. We have jewelers that come to Vegas regularly & buy. I've always gotten a fair price from them, much better than the local shops.

    Would be shocked if a jeweler would buy a used Yuman.

    While the US is crazy for rolex, the world loves Cartier. The auction houses might disagree that Rolex holds its value the most. Cartier does very well at the sales I've attended.

    Thought I heard, overall, Patek holds its value best?

    Again the model of the watch is the most important.
  3. I should reword something.
    There are jewelers that come to Vegas monthly & buy jewelry/watches. Know they travel to other large cities too. When I've visited them, they make a phone call & have a buyer before they even buy the item.
  4. agreed ! an on top of it it is mens watches that hold the value best.
    in the end it is a bit unpredictable as it really depends on the specific model the material and then the trends of the time you want to sell (todays top can be tomorrows flop)

    basically buy what you love and enjoy and do not worry about resale too much what fun is there in owning a yx because it supposedly holds its value when in reality the one you really love would have been a xy?
  5. I agree. I also think that if the watch band is gold then it would retain most of its value more than a regular metal band.

    Out of curiousity, my father recently asked a jeweller what the value of his 40+ yrs Rolex with 18K gold band. The jeweller told him it is only worth its weight in gold as the model is old. Of course it didn't help that it was engraved. The watch has more sentimental value than market value, imo.
  6. Thanks guys for your expertise. So interesting that the world is into Cartier. I'm going for the ballon bleu in just a few weeks.
  7. I think the Rolex Daytona still retain most value. As specially the S/S one!
  8. i agree with vegas long legs that cartier probably holds its value the best—even more so than rolex. i just think with rolex these days, it's everywhere, but a cartier pasha, for example, you don't see many people wearing those. they seem to be a bit more rare—which i like.

    i have a TAG that i've had for 9 years and i paid $1,300 for it brand new and let me tell you, it ain't worth much now unfortunately. my 'dream' watch is an old, vintage men's SS rolex air king—it's very simple and classic. i love the retro look.

    anyway, i was thinking about selling my TAG on ebay or wherever because i know once i got that rolex, i would probably never wear it again as i am not one to have many watches. well when i looked on ebay and places like that, it was probably selling for $600 at the most, and that's if it even sold. i just figured i'd keep it and save up for that rolex air king (providing i ever find one) instead of selling my TAG beforehand.
  9. ^^^ If you paid $1300 & it'll now sell for $600.00? I think that is a good deal for you.
    Of course selling old watches we don't want hasn't worked out for us. lol
  10. I know that Asia is into Rolex.....not Cartier. If you walk along pawn shops in Macao, you'll see lots of means something.
  11. I heard this interesting trivia many years back: In some country (forgot which one) you could use a Rolex as bail money!
  12. Not sure about 10 years from now, but at the moment, and on eBay, Rolexes and J12s are the hottest. May be some models of Breitling as well. I was never into Cartier, so never really paid attention.
  13. Surprised to hear that j12s are so hot. Is that mostly on the west coast?
  14. Actually, it's Patek men's watches which hold their value the best among collectors....
  15. ^ agree, some models of Audemars Piquet also hold value extremely well.