watches help lv or hermes

  1. louis vuitton tambour hologram monagram 34 mm or hermes cape cod or hermes kelly watch
  2. I think you like LV more because
    you are here in LV forum :biggrin: and of
    course, the majority I'm guessing
    the answer would be LV watch :biggrin: :biggrin:

    LV gets my vote !!!
  3. Hermes cape code - I have it and love it!
  4. I love both brands but they aren't watch brands. If you're going to spend good Money on a watch I would go with an actual watchmaker company
  5. Agree this one too !!!!
    Tag heuer I have it love it !
    Cartier is one best
    Raymond Weil
    Movado have it and love it too !
    Tell me more ;)
  6. Get a Cartier Tank and call it a day. ;)
  7. +1

    i haven't stopped wearing mine since i got it a year and a half ago!
  8. totally agree!
  9. Hermes Cape Cod. :smile:
  10. Hermes Kelly between those three. But I might suggest saving for a non-fashion watch such as a JLC reverso (better bang for your buck)
  11. IMO invest in a Rolex (or Patek)... Unless you already have one and want a "fashion" watch... Then go Hermes.
  12. Agreed - though I am an Omega girl. Unlike James Bond, DH is a Rolex guy so that is what I got him for Christmas last year and it is spectacular. I also have a Tag, which has been around for a long time and still keeps perfect time. I would not recommend Movado. I have two and neither keeps time very well and both have been repaired numerous times. They make a lot of pretty watches, but I have not had much success.
  13. Hermes Kelly. But Rolex is probably the best watch maker out there IMO.
  14. Rolex would be a better choice...
  15. My vote is Rolex too! I also have a Ebel. Check them out not to many people wear them!