1. In your experience, how has the number of watchers affect your auction outcome? :sweatdrop:
  2. Nope! None at all! Have often had lots of watchers, but only a single bidder.
  3. me neither, I've had the same, or I've had only a few watchers but alot of bidders in the last minute.
  4. I would agree^^

    A lot of times I'll have watchers, but not one bid. Although it is kind of fun to see how many people have tagged your item.
  5. I've gotten my hopes up many a time with the number of watchers on my auctions...only to have like 1 or 2 bids only. lol No lie, I once had 130 watchers on one auction but the item ended going for hundreds less than I wanted.
  6. It doesn't at all. Either I have no watchers and someone bids at the last minute or I have a ton of watchers and NO ONE bids.
  7. It's so annoying when a ton of people are watching but no one bids :sad: But on the other hand, it's great when you think no one is watching but people bid big time at the last minute! So unpredictable!
  8. A lot of the watchers can just be competitors wanting to sell the same thing as you and wondering what you got for it ;)
  9. ^^ Very true! And as a buyer, sometimes I watch multiples of the same item to see what I can get the best deal on.