Watchdog buys counterfeit goods from eBay's 'most trusted' sellers

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  1. Yes saw this last night...they didnt tell us anything most of us didnt seem to know, but maybe eBay may pay more attention now..
  2. WOW. thanks for sharing. Good reading, a little scarey, but maybe it will help keep us all on our toes.
  3. eBay should hire a couple of girls from TFP as designer handbag experts. We'll help weed out the fakes.
  4. How are you able to check to see if you account has been hijacked?
  5. ^^^ You'll start getting a bunch of questions about items you are supposedly selling, check your eBay account right away and see what you are "selling", good also to advise the potential buyers that the listing is not yours and NOT to bid
  6. good advice here ..thanks
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