watcha think?

  1. so i'd hever heard of these bags till i saw them at TJMaxx and i kinda fell for em... i'm so pissed i'm on purse ban...

    Lucky Brand: Lucky Brand Handbags - Free OVERNIGHT Shipping & Return Shipping

    now, it's real leather, it's slouchy leather, it's buttery leather, it's delish. the styles i saw were great, and they smelled and felt wonderful.

    does anyone own this brand?

    has anyone seen it?

    how do they hold up?

    what do you think of the styles?

    i think i like them :yes:
  2. I just checked out the website and I found a couple that I liked. They look nice and of good quality. Never had one though.
  3. These bags are nice-but you can find them on sale at most dept stores as well. The thing I don't lke about them is that they are a huge, bottomless, pit. No extra inside pockets for cells or anything else-and most don't zip closed on the top-they either snap or are open. They are cute though!:smile:
  4. i saw a few at TJMaxx which is what provoked the question. i DO understand what you mean by bottomless pit but i kinda like the "throw everything in" style sometimes!
  5. Vicious needs to change her screen name to TJMaxx queen - LOL. She loves that store! Every time I go in there here in Georgia, I think about Vicious and her friend Jake (the gayman) looking over the handbags.

    Answering your question about Lucky. Isn't Lucky the brand that makes jeans and shirts as well?

    I'll check out the site. As always, I enjoy reading your posts.

  6. The suede tote I got has 2 zippered inside pockets, one on each side of the tote, one of the reasons why I bought was big enough to put everything in (including bottled water, umbrella - on days when I need it, spare sweater, wallet, lotion, lipstick, cards - in the zippered pockets, keys, medicine, etc...). Hmmm, I carry too much stuff. :push: Well, I haven't worn this bag in a long while, it seriously needs a good cleaning before I would appear in public with it again.
  7. I think they are very nice and cute.

  8. oh oh don't say that it makes me feel SO tacky LOL...

    oh whatever, you're right, i like deals tehe... and i dont' have a boutique around here, thank GOD cuz ya know, i'd be twice as broke.. teehe... i AM however privvy to hitting up the outlets like WHAT when i go... "OutletPrincess" lmao... no no... (and maine mall is building a ginormous coach store so watch out ppls)

    Jake says "haaaay" lol~

    just think, last time we went to TJMaxx, we saw a tiny wierd prada messanger bag in blue, it was ugh tacky... and SO expensive. i put it on for a laugh, it looked ridiculous on my build lemme tell ya. *sigh* i think gayman and me need to hit up georgia and go pursie shopping... teehee. :wlae:

    ETA: jake and i must look like a specticle i tell ya, smelling all the leather to see how nice it is, squishing it and what not LOL... we're a couple of wierdos ;)

  9. how do they hold up?

    does the leather age well?
  10. You are definetly NOT tacky. I love that store myself. I go to that store often too. Our TJ Maxx stores dont have as much cool stuff as what you are describing.

    Outlets are great too. We have a great outlet place near here too. We have Coach, but not Dooney and that's a drag. I'm near Atlanta so there's a lot of malls and things like that. Otherwise, I'd go bonkers.

    Never feel bad about finding a great deal. Do you all have Marshalls or Ross where you live? We have those stores too but they seldom have the cool bags like TJ.
  11. man the closest marshalls is like, 45 minutes to maybe 2 hours away, i'm not sure if there's one in augusta maine or not... ew i wish! i can't wait to go home, it never triggered in my head to go for handbags like that when i was living with my mom... *rubs hands together* it's SO on when i go home to visit!