Watch what you do when you drink!

  1. A few nights ago, the SO and I went to a local pub for a slice of pizza and a few beers. We sat at the hightop tables in the bar. There was two couples sitting at the table in front of us. They were drinking and having a good time. They were all going outside to smoke so one of the girls asked if I would watch her purse. She made sure to tell me that she would not be mad at me if it got stolen because it was a fake!!!! :rolleyes: (it was a fake Prada) BUT my real question is, who leaves their purse with a stranger?????
  2. Hey! You're from Gainesville!
  3. i would never watch a strangers stuff you never know what they have in there...drugs, etc. and if you get caught with it you'll be trouble
  4. Yeah, wow she must of not had ANYTHING important in there! Maybe she was to drunk to realize what she was saying.
  5. Wow! What a stupid lady!

    If I'm on the train and somebody has to go to the restroom and asks me to watch their luggage, then no problem - but a handbag?! Nooooooo
  6. Yea, I am the only Alabama fan here at the home of the Gators!

  7. I think she had one too many!
  8. yeah, i agree..
    ii would never trust a stranger with my belongings either.
  9. thats crazy
  10. :wtf:
  11. thats weird, maybe there was nothing in there.

    I would never have someone watch my purse! I cant trust anyone.
  12. I guard my purse with my life. I can't believe she did that!
  13. That's really weird...I'd never leave my purse with a stranger (especially not at the bar)
  14. it's odd.... but maybe you looked too sweet and trusting to run off with her purse so she felt her purse was safe with you...
  15. What I am wondering is why she couldn't just take her handbag out while she smoked?! I'm assuming she came and collected it afterwards. Hmm very strange, luckily for guys I don't take a handbag clubbing, so don't need to leave it with anyone :p