Watch What Happens Live!!

  1. What night is Big Ang on? I must see that episode!!! :biggrin:

  2. DVR'ed it, love love Jeff!!

    Can't wait to see Big Ang!
  3. not the biggest fan of KJo, I think she can be loud and obnoxious, but last night was a great combo.

    I actually liked Nicole, but that hockey guy...Meh.
  4. I believe tonight..
  5. yeah I really like when the two guests are friends or even just comfortable together, and even better when they are friends with andy, it makes it so much funnier. that's why mark consuelos' appearances are always good too, since he's friends with andy it just rolls well.
  6. nailed it! love it when mark is on too. love when nene is on as well because andy is so obsessed with/tickled by her.

    am I the only one who wants to make a shot-ski? I'm so jealous of! I also want a jug of makers mark with andy's pic on it.
  7. jeff and jenni said last night that they hang out with lisa vanderpump a lot. have they all ever been on the show together? that would be a great episode.
  8. really??? lisa is my favorite of all the housewives. I haven't seen lisa on with jeff or jenni. you're right...that would be a very fun episode!
  9. Big ang should have left well enough alone. She looked nice before all the surgeries.
  10. ^agreed...she looks a bit freakish now. last night's episode was uncomfortable.
  11. :yes: Totally agree!
  12. If you are referring to Sean Avery, you are on to something;). My GF just bought his apartment in Chelsea and as she was viewing it while it was for sale there was a whole lot of interesting "photography" on the walls involving men....
  13. did you see her body in the bikini!!!!! Scary!!!!
  14. Mmm, interesting.:cool:
  15. the implants were the scary thing :wtf: :faint: