Watch Wardrobe Must-Haves and Metal Matching - Make a List and Take a Stand!

  1. I read somewhere (maybe here!) a while ago that watches are becoming the new handbag, i.e. the principal and defining women's accessory, and while not surpassing purses, watches have been creeping up, and will soon stand proudly beside the purse, effecting a tie for first place in the eternal joust for the coveted Most Important Accoutrement status.

    The piece stuck with me, because while I tend to be naturally somewhat trend-oblivious, having to make a conscious effort to notice what is coming in, going out, stubbornly standing in the doorway, etc, I realized that I do consider which watch at least or more than which earrings, neck adornment, etc will look best with whatever I am wearing, and whatever I am wearing almost always includes a watch, even though my lifestyle does not require one, and now that we all carry phones around wherever we go, a good argument could be made that nobody's lifestyle requires a watch anymore.

    Except as bling.

    So, what better way for we Purse Forum denizens to welcome the watch to its new lofty heights than to share our views on the searing topic of Watch Wardrobe Must-Haves?

    And the natural Next Question: Must one's watch match one's bling and bag hardware?

    My own view is very simple, some will say spartan:
    One containing gold-colored metal
    One containing silver-colored metal
    One containing such Xtreme bling that questions of metal color are transcended and rendered moot

    And as for matching metal color, I believe it should be an option, as sometimes it will look better that way, but most of the time it doesn't have to match, and if the watch has rhinestones or some other clear stone all around the face, the metal color most especially doesn't matter, as the eye will be so blinded by the bling that the metal color will hardly be noticeable, and if you are really worried about it, get a black and a brown leather or unleather band and change THAT, to go with whatever neutral your outfit has.

    So that's mine. What's your list of Watch Wardrobe Must-Haves, and where do you stand on the burning question of metal matching and mixing:?:
  2. I have on watch, a stainless steel rolex with a dark blue face.

    I wear it pretty much every day. Love it.

    Only watch I own...and considering that it looks great despite the fact that it is 6 years is probably the only watch I'll own for a while...

    In my opinion, watches should be a bit timeless and trend-free.
  3. Don't wear or need a watch because, as you said, I always have a mobile (cell) with me.

    However, I have VERY strict views on metal colours that apply only to me. I don't care about seeing mixed metals on other people but all metals on me HAVE to match!
  4. This is such a great thread, hopefully a lot more PFers will answer as I am looking to get some staple pieces to last a long time ;)

    Everyday - I have a stainless MOP face Rolex that I'm quite content with :love:

    Evening watch - Omega Constellation but I plan to get maybe a Jaeger in the future.

    Bling - I want to get an Omega Speedmaster with a diamond bezel but DH thinks it's too big!
  5. I really only wear silver colored metal and I have 2 watches. An Omega constellation without diamonds and a Concord LaScala with diamond bezel and markers. I just got the Concord because I decided that a watch with a good amount of Bling was definatley necassary!
  6. I love watches and I get complimented almost every day on ones that I wear. I would say I have about 20 watches. So I can pretty much match any function I am attending. From casual, stainless steel Cartier, to half of them with major bling on them. I only will wear any of my gold watches if I am going out to a really nice place though.
  7. I have a stainless steel Rolex and a Hermes double strap Cape cod for fun but I almost exclusively wear the Rolex. I would get another with a fun color face or perhaps an all gold one, I like the mens midsize. I also love the Chanel J12 in white. I think that mixing metals is totally fine.
  8. Well...I'm torn. I make watches ... well, not the watch face itself, but I make the bands and I love being able to choose from several different styles, sizes, colors, etc.

    However...probably because of tPF, I've been thinking about getting one main "staple" watch. Something that will last me forever. *sigh* I need to do some research to find the one that I must have. This place has cost me way too much money! LOL
  9. I have a diamond bezel Swiss Army stainless steel watch.
    I also have a small csx (no diamonds)Michele watch that I've had for a while.
  10. Like my bag collection my timepiece collection is diversified. I have a stainless steel Rolex with a grey face and no diamonds for everyday. I have an Ebel Beluga with a dark blue face and diamonds for dress. I also have a gold and stainless Ebel with a gold face with diamonds. I have a stainless steel Ebel with a shimp colored face without diamonds for casual wear. Lastly, I have a leather band Raymond Weil timepiece with a mother of pearl face with diamonds. I have pink, green, and blue leather bands to interchange. I wear a timepiece every day, and I like having options. One timepiece wouldn't do it for me.
  11. Wow! Do you ever! I love the zig-zag silver wire thing on the pink stones on this one:


    I know I have said this before, but your website is excellent. Hang onto your designer!

    Oh yeah, and your art rocks hard, too. :smile:

    And unless you are set on a famous name, you can get very nice watches that will last you for years and years without spending a lot of money. I know, because I have had all of mine for years and years, and not one of them cost more than $15, which I guess years and years ago was a lot of money, at least to me. :p
  12. Great thread!

    I always match metals in the jewelry/watch category, and I think I have pretty much what I need, but there is always room for more! I still need a Chopard Happy Diamond watch desperately!! :p

    White metal:
    Fun - Invicta Dragon Diamond Lupah, pink MOP dial and diamond bezel with pearlized patent leather strap.
    Business casual - Boucheron 1ctw diamond tank steel watch with dark purple strap (need to replace badly) and a Chopard La Strada steel tank with .50ctw diamonds with bracelet strap.
    Blingy - I am dreaming of the Happy Sport in this category. We shall see ...

    Yellow metal:
    Fun - still searching
    Business casual - Cartier 32mm 18K Pasha with removable white diamond grid, collection of gold bracelet or leather straps (need a new one!).
    Blingy - Chopard 3ctw pave' 18K La Strada watch (I have matching earrings, choker, bracelet and ring).
  13. This is an interesting thread. I'm not very particular about matching my watch with jewelry or bag hardware. All my bags have gold hardware and at the moment, I'm wearing my 31mm SS datejust rolex (black dial/roman numerals) with oyster bracelet and polished links/bezel. Its my everday casual watch. On weekends and an evening ou, I wear my 26mm two-toned datejust Rolex (white dial/roman numerals) with jubilee bracelet. Its my SAFE watch since it matches my yellow/white gold jewelry and bag hardware. My next purchase would be a Cartier roadster. Love the fact that I can glam it up with interchangeable leather straps of my color choice, and dress it down with its SS bracelet. Then maybe I'm done with watches for a few more years. Or maybe not:p I still want an all gold watch (hoping for a cartier or rolex again ) to complete my collection!:graucho:
  14. Yep,I'm a metal matcher,(all of my other jewellry is white metal) I wear one of two steel Rolexs, my only real dress code with my watches is the gents GMT2 sports with casual,and my mid-size for more dressy occasions.And I do find now that because I have a nice watch,I have stopped spending a fortune on other matching watches as I find for me the Rolex has enough class to wear with pretty much anything,so they are kind of cost effective too!!!!
    jewellery and key ring 011.JPG jewellery and key ring 013.JPG jewellery and key ring 014.JPG
  15. A very true and sensible statement!!!!xxxx Go for a classic watch and then enjoy wearing it and then you will be kind of free from the trend side of things(but theres no harm in lusting after a bling piece!!!!)