Watch w/3 interchangeable bands $5.64 shipped @ Coldwater Creek

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  1. #31 Feb 3, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2009
    It did expire. But on Mr. Rebates, I found one for $20.00 off of $80.00 Plus Mr. Rebates has like 3% rebate as well as a rebate. Hope that helps. WOULD HELP IF I PUT THE CODE DOWN! WKH1351
  2. anyone received the watch? just got today. the quality seems not good, I don't know if I will return them?
  3. I received mine today and don't think it's bad at all. Especially for, what, $5 and some change...;) Cost more than than in return postage to send it back.
  4. I received mind yesterday and they are fine. I never would have spent $69 on them, but $5 sure! I bought a three strand purple stone necklace for $13 after the discount and I love it. I also purchased a throw for $6, it had been $30. It's a nice and dressy touch for the couch.
  5. I received mine and thought they were nice. I have a nice watch and never wear anything else, but there are plenty of people out there that don't wear designer watches. I'm going to give them to my DH's relatives since I know they would enjoy them.
  6. That's a great idea!
  7. I got mine today and for $5 bucks each I say it's pretty good quality
  8. I got the 10 I ordered today and I think its a fantastic deal for $5. Thanks for posting. These will be great around xmas.
  9. :wlae:I bought 3 of these watches for my mom, me and my sis! Good deal!:yahoo:
    Question to all: My SO wants to know where I find all these good deals, he said what about for men???? Anyone here knows Deals and Steals for the men in our life????
  10. I bought 2 and got them yesterday. One was already tarnished, but the other one was fine.