Watch w/3 interchangeable bands $5.64 shipped @ Coldwater Creek

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  1. I bought 5 for donation to Dress for Success.
  2. Thank you for bringing up that organization! I've been wanting to volunteer lately, specifically to help needy women get new clothes, etc. but I couldn't remember the name. This is exactly it. Thanks again!
  3. I got a couple watches for moms etc.. Thanks.
  4. Thanks, I got the poker set for my BF for valentines day! He will love it : )
  5. Thanks for posting this - I got the watch for a friend - and a jacket for me - :tup:all for $39.50 - who hoo!!
  6. I just ordered 3 sets of watches for end of the year teacher gifts. Thanks for the heads up!
  7. Thanks, I ordered 10 for x-mas presents next year!
  8. LOL at how many people are ordering! Do y'all think they have this many in stock, or are our orders going to get canceled?
  9. chit! But honestly, who would pay $69.00 for a no-name watch?

    But definately worth $5.64:yes:
  10. Yeah, it's crazy how cheap! And it looks cute... I can't tell, is it silver or gold? I figured it didn't matter much for $6!

    The days of inflated prices are basically over, but I think we've only hit the tip of the iceberg as far as store closings go. I am cleaning up while there are still shops to buy stuff from!
  11. Thank you. I ordered 3 watch sets, 2 belts, a pair of earrings, and a throw for $35.:tup:
  12. I ordered 5 watches, for teacher year end gifts and an aunt for Christmas. Also got a throw and a necklace for $41 total. It would have cost $380. Thanks to the OP!!
  13. I think it said it was stainless steel, so silver probably. :yes:
  14. I don't know what I'm doind wrong...but it won't take the coupon!?! Anyone have an idea as to why?

    Thanks for sharing/helping ;)
  15. Bummer, I think code is expired now:sad: