Watch those sale pages NOW.

  1. Oh the 955 was the sale price before? Marked down from 1100?
  2. Congrats Susieserb!!! :tup:

    I just got the Audra I wanted from NAP with 30% off! Yippee!!! :yahoo:

    Anyone else bag a bargain yet?

  3. Good for you, cool bag and I sincerely mean that. From day one, I've thought the Audra was very desirable. Megs slamed her, as well as others on The Purse Blog when she first debuted. I think she epitimises Chloe, cute and edgy and I love the patent with the splash of red. Did you see her in the Nordies pics from this forum?:flowers:
  4. You scored an amazing deal susie...Neimans has those boots for $763! Congrats:tup:

    Sadly enough no Chloe deals for me, but the YSL Downtown in Voilet is down to 60% off so now I must ponder REALLY hard!!!!:girlsigh:

    Balchlflen, the Audra is super cool...I just helped anothe TPFer find a green one for a great deal...

  5. It's easy for me to buy, If I don't like the item I can return pretty effortlessly. I know it's a different story for you and that's hard.

    You've wanted a violet bag for a long time, so good luck with your decision.

    Also NM usually is a better sale price over BG, but BG is who we want to buy from, i.e. tax breaks; both now have free shipping!
  6. Thanks guys! I already have owned the Black Patent Audra but sold her a while back and regretted it.... so now have the Beige one coming my way instead :yahoo:

  7. Love the YSL Downtown mona_danya - especially in Violet! GL with your decision :flowers:
  8. Balchlflen, congrats on the Audra....what a great price, makes it hard to resist, I've liked that bag from the beginning.
  9. Congrats on the great deals! I may need to stay AWAY from the sales or I'll buy too many things!!:devil: