Watch this....

  1. Ok, the link is a video that the guy I'm interested in made a week ago. Some of you remember talking to me about "Isaac." The cute one is Isaac. The one that get....*gulp*...shot. (If you don't remember him, you can look it up if you click on my username.)

    So far not a lot has progressed, but he did ask me to "come out and be part of the action" on his next movie. Whenever that may be. He's getting to where he leans alot. Is leaning as big a deal as they say it is?

    Anyway, thought ya'll might wanna see the absolute love of my life. Such a Southern boy. His accent drives me nuts! Oh just watch it already!

    YouTube - Bad Boyz Who?
  2. I think its time for you to make a move!!! Isn't all this waiting driving you crazy already????
  3. Yah!! Guys totally dig it when girls make the first move ;)
  4. That's the plan as of now. Daddy got like ten million gift cards to various places a few days ago and he told me had a gift card to Smoky Bones Barbeque (it's my favorite restaurant.). Well me and Isaac had talked about Smoky Bones and going there a couple of weeks ago. My original plan was to get my best friend and her bf to go with us, but now, I'm not so sure. Anyway, the plan, as of now, is to say "hey, Daddy got my this Smoky Bones gift card for Valentine's Day (since you didn't get me anything, lol) and I was wondering if maybe you wanted to come with me and help me use it. He's never been to a Somky Bones. Anyway...I'm running out of patience. I'm at the very end of my rapidly fraying rope.
  5. ^^^that's a good idea.