Watch the Men's Fall/Winter 2007 Show on Now.

  1. The first few mono bags are HOTTTT!! Go and watch the full show now.....:yes:
  2. I personally didn't LOVE this collection (it seems I alone liked Marc as the men's rtw designer :shrugs: ) but I do plan on getting the Cotteville and Damier key caser tees- and maybe the big shoulder bag :drool: (btw, you can get the individual pics of each look at
    Cotteville Tee 2.jpg Damier Key Case 2.jpg Brown Hobo Duffle 1.jpg
  3. I thought this show was wierd. The runway was like 10 ft long.
  4. i quite like this collection. Paul Helbers has done another good job. i just updated my Blog with my selections :yes:
  5. I am still uploading and watching the show as I type here....:smile:
  6. deluxeduck- thanks for the bigger pics of the big hobo (it looks like there's going to be 2 sizes)! Must....resist... :push: God I know it's going to cost like $4K :crybaby:
  7. Wow - this collection looks inspired by 007 and comic books. I'm not sure I really liked it much or if I could a guy wearing any of these things (well, unless he's gay - love my gay boys tho :love:)

    Some of the men's bags look cute, but don't like the big "Louis Vuitton" on the dark mocha bags. Some clothing looks really...out there.... :wtf: Especially with the Orange shoes! :lol:
  8. the striped Hobo looks very nice but i fear it'll weigh a tonne besides costing an arm and a leg and maybe even a left eye :push: