Watch suggestions...any help would be great =)

  1. Sooo...I already have a

    • Rolex two tone jubilee no diamonds bracelet watch
    • Rado ceramic watch no diamonds
    • Chanel J12 33mm white no diamonds
    • Chopard two tone older watch with round face bracelet...from my mom's collection
    • Raymond Weil gold and silver watch I got when I was still in HS
    Ever since I got my J12 earlier this year, I have been wearing it 80-90% of the time...I just love how chic it looks and how its so durable etc

    I was considering getting at least one of the following:
    • Chanel J12 33mm in BLACK no diamonds
    • Chopard happy diamonds--but not sure which one...just one of the ones with the colorful icons--diamonds, sapphires, etc inside...and not sure on bracelet or rubber strap, etc
    • and maybe a Rolex Daytona but I dont know on this yet...maybe the face will be too big on me? (i'm 5'0 and 105lbs...and have a small wrist)
    Are there any others you would recommend I consider?

    I dont want anything too blingy--thats why I usually shy away from diamonds on my watches with the exception of the Chopard Happy diamonds...

    I also prefer bracelet over straps I guess...
  2. I have small wrists so it is difficult for me to find the right watch but i can recomend the Cartier: Ballon Bleu, De Grisogono: Instrumentino...
  3. I'm sorry I can't advise you, as it seems you already have the most beautiful collection and any of the other choices you've listed are icing on the cake! I am sooooooooo envious!
  4. I am also advocating the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reversos. I think its my dream watch. I would get the Automatique Grande in rose gold!!! That is if money was no object to me. I think the reversos are worth looking at especially if bling isn't that important to you. What I like about Jaeger-LeCoultre is the company manufactures its own movements which makes it a truly exclusive brand in watch collecting.

    You already have a beautiful collection and I think a reverso would be something unique among the pieces you already have lol

    I also agree the Ballon Blue is beautiful. I personally would love to have a Tank Americain, but even if I had the money, I would hesitate to buy it b/c of it's alligator strap (hmm I wonder if it comes in a bracelet strap...).

    Have fun augmenting your collection!

  5. [​IMG]

    Wow the Cartier Ballon Bleu is actually really nice...I'm also more yellow gold person than white gold and I like round faces more than rectangular (i think) the only rectangular Ive liked so far was the Cartier tank but is it bad to say i find them somewhat common and i wasnt sure i loved it enough???

    This is the ballon bleu in pink gold
    and i would definitely get small or medium at most because the face may just cover my whole wrist LOL
  6. Wow Cory, the pink gold Cartier is stunning! I want! :nuts:
  7. I know Nathalie!!!

    Well, these are just some options I guess--I'll have to go in and try them on and see first... =)

    I wonder though if it will show scratches a lot on the cartier ballon bleu cos I was considering either pink gold or yellow gold...since i have 2 tones already and more silver watches...

    also would you find it too "bling bling"
  8. If you already have a J12 , go for something different. Anyway, I think you already have such a great watch collection. I wish one day I'll have great watches like yours :smile: .

    I'm not a fan of Rolex and Chopard so I would suggest a Cartier "Pasha" or "Roadster".
  9. From the 3 you have listed, I'd pick the Rolex Daytona.

    I have small wrists too (5'2 90+lbs), but I feel that Big watches tend to look best on small wrists.
    The Cartier Ballon Bleu is very pretty in RG! And since most of your watch bracelets are 2 toned, it will be something different.

    I like the hip shape of the Cartier Divan too, it'll be rather different from what you have, "Big" like your J12, and satisfy the need for a 'Black' Watch.
  10. S:huh:OOO i ended up with (and didnt anticipate this at all)

    -Cartier Ballon bleu small in rosegold (too bad its not automatic or has the date though)

    -Chopard happy beach watch with blue croco strap

    -Chanel J12 in black 33mm no diamonds

    kinda crazy i knoww!!!
  11. Nice choices. I've a small wrist but I love to wear big watches. Totally agree with Accessorize*me - I would have gone for the Rolex Daytona. Nevertheless, I love your final 3 choices as well.