Watch strap

  1. What leather is the best for a watch strap? I've ordered a turquoise Chevre for my Kelly 2 watch but really really loved the natural Barenia. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi Gazoo, my Barenia watch strap is in barenia naturel, & I sometimes wear my Kelly watch on a barenia naturel clochette! :smile:

    Barenia feels very good & smells great! :heart: It's a wonder how a few rubs on this leather the scuff just kind of disappear...However, barenia naturel will be sensitive to water stains. It is also prone to scuff because it's so buttery soft & smooth. Scuff is not really a problem for me as I usually give the leather a few rubs & it'll disappear somewhat. I'm usually careful not spill water on my barenia watch strap or clochette when I wear them, if it does, I'll just quickly dab it with a piece of tissue paper to "salvage" the situation :lol: It'll leave a faint mark, but as the leather ages & darkens bit by bit, the mark get less noticeable.

    I think Barenia is somewhat like box calf & vache naturel, definitely a "higher maintenance" leather, but will age beautifully over time with a gorgeous patina! :heart:

    If you like, you could get your barenia strap in black or ebene, I believe stain marks would be even less noticeable in these colored Barenia leather. HTH! :flowers:
  3. Now I haven't had any waterstaining with my Barenia. The problem is this.............Barenia is tanned by drum in a mixture of oils and dyed using vegetable and chrome and coats the leather fibers in the corium, or the fibrous layer. In other words, each fiber is coated in oil. When new, Barenia is very oily and has hydrophobic properties. Oil and water don't mix, right. If you allow your Barenia to dry out, it will spot as the oils are gone and what you have left is raw leather. I am constantly rubbing down my Barenia cell phone case with my hands which reoils the leather all over again. This has allowed my cell phone case to be relatively waterproof and I've even taken it out in the rain and the spots have evaporated without marking. I hope this clears up any confusion.
  4. I have Kelly bands in lizard, ostrich and epsom. They are all terrific (although ostrich is my fave). My emerald green croco H-our band should be arriving today or Monday so I let you know how much I love croc! My DH has a barenia Harnais and it looks as terrific as the day we bought it two years ago. I think if you want barenia you should go for it! Or, there is always croc.... :yes:
  5. Thanks HG! :flowers: I apologise if I had caused confusion - I was merely stating my own experience with barenia naturel.

    hmm...I guess I should shower my barenia pieces with more TLC - rub them more! :rolleyes: Does this mean that I'd have to constantly rub a barenia naturel bag to make it more water-proof? :sad:
  6. I find you have to. In fact, one of the SAs said that some customers will oil the bag on occasion. One SA in NYC has a pair of Barenia boots that she oiled to hasten the patina. It ended up making the leather much darker, which it will do anyway, but she said it kept the boots softer. Yes, I have to rub my cell phone case regularly. Since it's small I can do it everyday, but it helps keep the leather moist, and, yes, waterspot-resistant.
  7. Thanks! :flowers:

    How do you oil a barenia bag or boots? By rubbing? ...or use some kind of oil product on the barenia?
  8. Hmmm, have to ask DQ that. She told me and I forgot, I think it may be saddle oil.