Watch Repair

  1. Hello All,
    I have a watch that seems to be losing time. Does anyone know about watch repair and if something like this is an easy fix if I take it to a reputable watch repair shop or jeweler?
  2. What brand watch is it?

    It sounds as if your watch may need an overhaul done (complete watch service and cleaning). Any reputable watch/jewelry store would be able to give you a free evaluation and estimate.
  3. It's an Armani watch with Japanese movement. I was hoping that someone will be able to fix it as it does run but just seems to lose time. THanks for any help..............
  4. If it is still under warranty, you should bring it back to Armani (or the place you purchased it from) so they can try to repair it under warranty.

    Otherwise, try having it repaired at an authorized Armani watch repair shop so they can take off the case back without destroying it, reseal the watch with the proper gasket and do tests on it. Good luck!
  5. Thanks! Yes, I will take it in today.