Watch Recommendations

  1. Okay, ladies. I've been wearing a watch that I made myself, but I've been really wanting something new lately.

    I like unique, classic designs that won't go out of style but I don't want to spend thousands for a watch. I prefer less than $500 if possible, but definitely less than $1,000. I'm going to ask hubby to save up for Christmas. :graucho:

    So does anyone have any recommendations? Throw 'em out so I can start a list of possibilities. I think we'll have to go to Seattle or somewhere like Nordies with lots of in person watches to try on.

    Thank you!!!
  2. Raymond Weil Tango line. I have one, it is beautiful and comfortable. And instantly recognized as a fine Swiss watch brand.
  3. You should check out the Citizen, Seiko and Coach websites for some great, decently priced watches.
  4. I like the one at Lussori.
  5. Well I'd assume Raymond Weil and Coach watches would hold up pretty well..I think they're both Swiss made.

    My Mom has had he Seiko watch for 20 years, and it is still working great and it looks very stylish.
  6. I'd go with a Coach watch, they're fab and very beautiful!
  7. Well, now one of my coworkers is offering to sell me her old Rolex. She said it was one of the "lower end" ones...any thoughts? I can't remember what she called it...but heck, it's a Rolex! lol
  8. I have a Movado (which is also maker of Coach watches). Raymond Weil is good and Swiss Watch has come out with some lovely, classic styles. If you would like the watch to last a while, I suggest a sapphire crystal, which doesn't scratch as easily. Longines is also another manufacturer of good, classic pieces (they can run high, though). I know that some people may turn up their nose at a Seiko, Citizen or Bulova, but remember, they have watches at a variety of price points and some of these have been on sale already. Some of their watches are very attractive. For the most part, those have Japan movements, which can be pretty reliable. Good luck.
  9. I was wondering what sapphire crystal was. I've never heard of it...but I haven't done much research on watches either.

    My coworker just GAVE me one of her watches to wear while I decide what I want. It's an Esquire. I love it. It is SO freaking cool looking. I'll take a photo and post later. But I still need to decide what main watch I want. Hubby needs to start saving!
  10. Why not wait for sale so you might get a Gucci watch??? the brand is better than coach.
  11. Really? Hmmm...maybe I will look into that. :smile:
  12. i have a wenger watch that i love. (yes, the same people who make the swiss army knives) it has swiss movement and lots of style for less than $250 (most are in the $150 to $200 range)....they use mineral crystal but i haven't had issues with scratches. here's one along the same lines as what you've posted above.... and of course they have more styles under the ladies tab.

    also try costco for watches.....i got mine for $85 when it normally retails for around $100 more. i've also purchased a nike sport watch that i saved $30 on (from outlet price....i don't even know how much it retails at "real" stores) not to mention you get the costco warranty in addition to any manufacturer warranty. i've seen coach, breitling and movado there on a pretty regular basis in addition to some gucci and others once in a while.
  13. What about a Longines Dolce Vita? I got the stainless steel version and I've been wearing this watch for the last 8 years and I'm very, very happy with it.
    Tough I don't now the exact price in US$, it should probly be around 900. This watch you can either dress down with jeans/sneakers or dress up with a nice dress.
  14. ilzabet...that's really pretty! :smile: