Watch recommendations for BF's Mom in $500-800 range?

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  1. :balloon: We're off to FL next month for BF's Mom's 70th! She has amazing taste and style...a very spirited and elegant woman.

    I'm looking at Raymond Weil or Ebel for starters and we're looking for watch ideas in the $500-800 range. Any ideas? I think gold is better on her than silver and a little bling is great too on her. Something for everyday but with a little flash, if that makes sense. (she LOVES jewelry, shoes, bags, etc).

    Hope this isn't too vague, but any ideas would be most helpful. Unfortunately a bunch of her jewelry and watches were stolen when her house got broken into last summer :crybaby: so we're all trying to get her collection rebuilt.

  2. I have a Raymond Weil and several Ebel watches and they were well over your budget. To my knowledge you cannot get a watch in those brands for $500-$800. I did find a few options for you to consider:

    Citizen - on sale for $337.50 at

    Citizen - on sale for $213.75 at

    Skagen - $135 at

    Skagen - $135

    Bulova - on sale for $318.75 at
  3. ^^ Thanks, Kat! Yeah, as soon as I started searching I realized the price points are far different ;). amazing, I've found a few Ebels around $800ish through, but I'm not entirely comfortable getting things online with availability and all that.

    Also looking at Movado, Tag Heuer, Geneve and Van Belinger. Man, it's a whole new world for me.

    Thanks SO much, Kat!!
  4. Have you checked They are a top notch company with great prices.
  5. as far as Citizen, my mom and dad have matching watches and my mom always raves on about Citizen watches--great quality and Sasha Cohen looks great in the ads:yes: . Kat, I love your picks!
  6. ^^ thank you both! I had not tried or looked at any Citizens...thanks SO MUCH!! XXXOO.
  7. Tag Heuer is a very good choice! Maybe u can go for something with a leather strap for a more elegant look.

    I believe some of the entry level watches from Hermes, Gucci, Fendi and Bvlgari will also fit into ur budget too.

    Alternatively, how about a nice yellow gold bangle?
  8. U might also consider going to timezone website if she doesn't mind pre-owned watches.
  9. I think Coach has some really nice watches in that price range as well.
  10. I would do a michele watch. I have one and i love it. It's great that you can change the bands..
  11. Wonderful ideas...thanks!
  12. Happy ending...we found this Raymond Weil on sale at Macys and it's TDF:
    thanks again, everyone!! :wlae:
  13. How much was it? It's lovely!
  14. Oooh, that's a really nice watch! Glad you found it!