Watch out nPaypal email is a scam

  1. This morning my auction ended and paypal sent me an email wanting to verify my account info since my account had been "flagged" and a paypal link was included so I clicked it and it looked exactly like the paypal page but then I started to wonder...Why do they need my bank info if my account is verified already??? So I deleted it went to my eBay and checked my paypal accout..Guess what? My account had not been flagged and my status was still verified so I contacted Paypal and was sent a reply that this is a scam and paypal will never email you asking for your account info! So watch out this is a scam to get for account info.
  2. You can download a free eBay toolbar, which shows green status when your in genuine eBay or paypal site, and obviously doesn't show green if your not.:yes: