Watch out new paypalscam!

  1. Be carefeul I just received an official rather normal looking email from "paypal" saying that I just send $699 to buy a computer, lower on the page there is the "usual scamlink" this time disguised as cancel transaction button. So again never click on a link like that!
    Just to warn you!
  2. thanks for the info. i would of clicked it if i was u lol
  3. Thanks for the heads up catcat.
  4. That's shifty! Thanks for the warning!
  5. Thanks for warn us :smile: They ever sent me the similiar email, said I purchased engagement ring for $499 :yucky:
  6. I just got one of these...many many thanks for the heads up. I forwarded it to spoof@paypal which I encourage everyone to do.
  7. I always get those.....I go to paypal first to make sure.
  8. thanks for the heads up!
  9. I've had a number of those.....I just send them on to the spoof email.