Watch out for this buyer!

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  1. I'm selling my LV Miroir Papillon on eBay this week. One potential buyer, *edited out for privacy reasons*, sent me numerous emails asking me to end the auction early so he could purchase the item for his wife. I told him no, even after he said he was concerned about getting it in time for Christmas. Yes, that's a reasonable concern but I said I would ship it overnight, and no, I would not take the risk selling it outside of eBay.

    Keep in mind he just opened his account on November 30 and has 1 feedback. Not a risk I wanted to take!

    Well, here's his response after I told him no for the 3rd time (please don't read if you're sensitive, and yes I already reported him to eBay and put him on my blocked bidder list):

    I said:
    Sorry but I just can't help you -- I won't sell this bag outside of an eBay
    auction. It is too risky for me and if something happens I have no
    protection. I encourage you to bid if you're still interested. The auction
    will end on Sunday and the bag will go to the highest bidder. Happy bidding!

    Lori Matthews

    He responded:
    There is nothing cordial about this... you have nothing to lose. Not one thing. The money would be in your paypal first then I AM THE ONE TAKING THE CHANCE NOT YOU!!!!!!!!!!
    How do you get off telling me that you would be taking a risk?.. what fricken risk would you be taking? LOLOL I DID NOT ASK YOU TO SELL IT OUTSIDE OF EBAY. I only told you that you do have the right to end the sale at anytime. You can take your bag and shove it up your big ph at azz hole you moron. I hope you do get screwed, you deserve it. ph ukn jerk
  2. :shocked: Wow...

    Talking like that really gets you nowhere.
  3. geez. :wtf:
    some people are really off their rockers...
  4. That is totally rude and ridiculous. What a horrible person! Sorry that happened to you!
  5. and off their meds.......:sos:
  6. Wow! :shocked:
  7. :wtf: :wtf:

    if that's the way he treats people, no wonder he's so desperate for an LV bag for his wife, she must be pretty fed up with him :s
  8. Did he ask you to gift wrap it for you too? He's one of the many who try and get you to ship asap and then he has paid with a stolen card/fraudulent funds and you get notified after you shipped. Block him immediately!
  9. Here's his follow up message after I sent him an email saying he's been blocked from my auction and I reported him to eBay:

    deleted your email without even reading it... so **** you

    Sorry to offend those with sensitive eyes!

    I saw the other stuff he bid on, makes me think he's just an obnoxious kid and made up the story ... who knows!

    please censor your posts, we DO NOT permit cursing in our Forums, we have 12 yr olds here!!!
  10. Oops, sorry and thanks Swanky Mama!

    I have blocked this nutcase from my auctions, sent the email to eBay, and blocked him from sending messages to my Hotmail account. In my seven years on eBay I have never dealt with such a crazy person like this! Well, I guess there's a first time for everything!
  11. Holy cow, what a nut job.
  12. i am sorry you have to deal with this crazy person....
  13. wow..he's harsh~~~
  14. gess thank god u followed your instinct
  15. Can you PM me this person's ebay ID please. With my luck, I will be next.