Watch out for this BIN fraudster adidassteve21

  1. A listing for a lovely bag I was watching suddenly ended with Buy It Now. Out of curiosity, I clicked on the buyer's name, which took me to his Feedback page with ELEVEN negative feedbacks TODAY!!!. :cursing:

    Theyall said the same thing (more or less, some in Spanish), that he has hacked/defrauded them by doing BIN and not paying. :cursing:

    Here is the eBay ID:

    p.s. I have alerted the Seller of the bag I'd been watching.
  2. It kinda looks like his account was hijacked this week.
  3. So are you saying it is not the Ebayer himself then, but that someone hijacked his account? I know some of the feedback says that and it all seems to have happened today.

    How soon to eBay move to suspend an account when, they have received numerous complaints in a short timespan regarding the same issue?

    Do people lie about having their accounts hijacked, in order to get out of a bid or BIN?
  4. Well he has positive feedback up until one point, then he wasnt buying/selling anything for many months!

    So looks like it was HIS account that was hacked. Meaning, he is probably very innocent in all this.

    How sad.
  5. eBay may have suspended the account until they get it straightened out. Adidassteve21 probably does not even know anything happened yet. I think it would be a little hard for a buyer to to lie about it, because usually there is some type of pattern, but in the ebay world I guess anything is possible.
  6. Ok, What is the point of BIN and not paying?
  7. If you do an advanced search on the bidder, there are like 10 pages of items that he is bidding on...I agree that it looks like his account has been hijacked.
  8. wow
  9. Apparently the point is to get the seller's e-mail address, which eBay sends out in its end of item e-mail, so that the hacker can spam the e-mail addy directly.
  10. It can stop the seller selling their product. This leaves the sellers of fakes less competition. Sometimes it can be an aggrieved buyer getting revenge, or a faker who was reported getting their own back on the person they think reported them.

    All sorts of nasty reasons. I agree this poor chap seems ignorant of the whole unpleasant event. I would like to change the title of this thread to reflect that - but I don't seem able to edit (again).