Watch out for the MJ Bag in Spider-Man 3!

  1. Just got back from seeing Spider-Man was great by the way. (See Television & Cinema forum for more)

    Anyway, when you see it, watch for the gorgeous MJ bag carried by a woman on the streets of New York. It was some sort of purple shade and it was either a quilted Blake or quilted Venetia. It was HOT! Without giving too much of the movie away, it appears during Peter's "strutting" around the streets of New York part.

    Let me know if you catch it too! It's fun to spot MJ bags in the movies! :p
  2. It's so neat that you noticed that! When I see the movie I'll have to keep an eye out for the bag. Of course, that's if I can distract myself from watching for my favorite stuntman's (Stanton Barrett's) scenes!
  3. oh boy!! I can't wait to see that movie! I will definitely pay attention to that. I wonder what bag it was.. maybe something from the metallic patchwork line? Or do you think it was a violet quilted Venetia from fall 05??
  4. i just bought my tickets for tonight! i'll keep my eyes open.
  5. It definitely wasn't a new bag and not metallic looking. It might be the violet QV from 05. It could also have been Maroon since that color looks sort of purpleish to me. Hopefully one of you who's actually watching for it can catch a better look!
  6. That's a great sighting Cheryl! I'm keeping my eyes open for it!

    I was just watching a shampoo commercial the other day, and at the end the girl puts the shampoo and conditioner into a MbMJ tote! I think it's the Softy Carryall! I was like, "Hey, I know that bag from TPF!" It's cool to sight things like that!
  7. I saw it tonight and I didn't even pay attention to it!! Shucks.
  8. Oh no! I missed it, too! I was carrying my stam and was actually watching out for bags, and STILL missed it!
  9. it was a quilted Elise in a purple color.
  10. ^^Yay! You saw it too! :yahoo:
  11. OMG!!! I saw it tonight and totally noticed that bag without even checking into the purse forum yesterday or today! How funny!

    It looks like a bordeaux quilted elise .... i think bordeaux... it was definitely a quilted elise.
  12. Interesting! I haven't seen a quilted bordeaux elise before.

    I missed it too! I totally forgot to look for it... Too bad, cuz I am never gonna see that movie again. What a waste of time!
  13. I know I saw it yesterday and noticed that she is walking behind him and you only get a quick glimpse of it, straight after is a woman with a blue balenciaga
  14. I saw the movie on Saturday and didn't even notice! I'll have to rent it and watch it when it comes out on DVD (not sure that I'm willing to spend more money to watch it again in the theater).
  15. damn, i just came back from watching the movie and saw this post.