Watch out for sellers who do this trick to raise their feedback!

  1. I had a bad experience recently with a seller who sold me a fake Alexander McQueen scarf. Recently I saw that her overall feedback score had skyrocketed (all positive feedback, which of course buried her recent accusations of buyers like me who said she sells fakes). Most of the auctions were private so I couldn't see what it was she was buying and selling to raise her feedback.

    I believe it was our dear member Speedy who noted this earlier. The seller who sold me the fake scarf is boosting her feedback score by purchasing and selling large quantities of one cent auctions -- mostly wallpaper for your computer.

    If you come across any buyer or seller who has multiple transactions for one cent auctions, be careful. They may be trying to boost their FB scores so they look more reputable.
  2. I didn't think you could make BIN auctions private
  3. I never said they were BIN auctions. My fraudulent seller just bid on a bunch of one cent auctions and is also selling them.
  4. If they are private how do you know they are one cent auctions? Did you look at their bid history?
  5. Yes, I looked at the current auctions that the person was selling.
  6. OMG, can they be reported?
  7. Wait everyone, I love to sell on eBay and I love the excitement of an auction and 99% of my auctions start at one cent. This is not to increase my positives, but because it is how I think real auctions should be: one cent and no reserve.
  8. Let me clarify -- my seller PURCHASED one cent items to raise her feedback. In my opinion she did this solely to raise her feedback rating.
  9. I doubt it. What am I going to tell eBay, this person is bidding on one cent items? It's obviously not against the rules.
  10. That is a sneaky trick. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. my friend had a similar issues with a seller about a year ago. she receive a damaged item and had a hard time with the seller when disputing the matter. she later did some snooping and found out that her seller (who had only a handful of sketchy feedback) was listing items and having "friends" bid and buy so she could boost her feedback.
  12. Interesting...thanks for the info, I hadn't noticed this before.
  13. Thanks for the heads up. eBay is getting so scary!
  14. What will they think of next....<sigh>
  15. Another ebay turnoff. Thanks for letting us know.