Watch out for PickyCoachLover - she's an enabler!!

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  1. Hey PickyCoachLover - thanks to enabling me so well, I won a Raspberry Op Art Hailey on ebay. So much for my ban!!

    But I got a good deal - I think - I'll have to wait until she gets here before I know for sure, but I won the auction for $70. She does not have the dust bag and one of the 3 hangtags is missing as well as the long strap, but I can live with that for $70. I don't care at all about the hang tag, and I have an Ocelot Hailey that has a long grey crossbody strap, and I think that would be fine for the occasions I want to carry it as a crossbody. As a matter of fact, I think i prefer a grey strap on it!

    Here is a pic from the auction, I can't wait to get her. This is another bag that I passed on and deeply regretted it!

  2. $70! :faint: LUCKY.
    And yes, I am an enabler...but only with people who have good taste, obviously. :graucho:

    Now, go get that blue spotlight before it sells out! You KNOW you want it. LMAO!

    ETA: and you got one where "Coach" is straight! DOUBLE lucky!!!!
  3. Me - SPOTLIGHT???????? :roflmfao: You really are a comedian!!

    But I'm still trying to decide on which Clover to get. As you can see this ban is going really well for me. :P
  4. Oh crap! I mixed you and buckeyebabe up! LMAO!!!!!
    I am trying to get HER to get one, sorry!
    I need to keep track of my enablings, damn.
  5. Oh, if you like greenish teal colors...there is a new pic of a convertible hobo...the color is called "clover"...pretty....but I know what you are talking about. I like the design a lot! Cannot wait to see which one u get!
  6. Haha you two are too funny!

    Congrats crissy!
  7. I personally think you got a great deal! What a pretty color!
  8. Oh I know - I was instrumental in starting up that thread. :biggrin:

    It's kinda sad really - 3 bags still in the house with tags on, a purse just ordered from ebay, plus whatever clover one I get for PCE. Pathetic really. Should I feel bad about that? Seems a bit much, no?
  9. Nah.... :waves hand dismissively:
    Don't you worry about that. :P

  10. Mmmm, that color looks so yummy!
  11. Your bag makes me want to go get a pink bag! It's too cute! :smile:
  12. So cute. Such a lovely colour :smile:
  13. Your Hailey is so cute.
    I have the matching Maggie and love her to pieces.
    You got an awesome deal, congrats!!!

    And I know exactly what you mean about PickyCoachLover - she made me buy a bag this week too!
    SUCH an enabler :sneaky: LOL!
  14. Hey...
    I just like spreading Coach love...
    Nothin wrong with that...
  15. I know what you guys are talking about! She has twisted my arm into buying the Blue Sequin Spotlight! Im ordering it on Fri with PCE...gotta have it before it sells out,......such an enabler!!!! :smile: