Watch out for new Ebay scammers

  1. Hi all!

    I know we're all pretty smart cookies here, but I thought I would warn everyone about a new scam ongoing at eBay.

    The sellers all have FB over 40 and under 100, with 100% rating. They are all selling their first piece, and all are BIN for brand-new LVs. The photos are taken using a pale blue background with the bag (sometimes a very good fake, sometimes a noticeable fake) sitting on top of the LV dustbag (usually the dustbag is upside-down). The background of the text is different but the word of the "authenticity guarantee" is the same (even down to the extra space before the comma). All the listings are highlighted by a border (makes 'em easier to spot LOL)

    All their FB is coming from the same 15 sellers, all their purchases are private but if you check out what the sellers have currently selling they are all small items like recipes and jam. They keep their auctions private too. I found three of these yesterday and two more today. I reported all of them and one got pulled, but the other two ran until they both were sold. Each bag was BIN for 450.00!!!

    eBay will likely be unwilling to do anything about this since they are making money through the expensive listing ($20 a listing minimum) and through their fianl fees. Please help report these auctions if you ever come across one--the best option is the fraudulent listing I did not bid choice, since you are allowed to write in your suspicions.

    If anyone here has eBay's ear, please notify them immediately.

    Be smart and safe on Ebay

  2. can you add some usernames to this thread so we can all help you report future listings!
  3. I'm not sure if it is allowed to post their names. It hardly matters since they just put up the one bag and then after it's sold their gone. Maybe they'll come back later, who knows?

    That is why I gave you all the stuff to look for. It is very easy to spot them--just look for the highlighted BIN auction in newly listed LV.

    If it's okay to post I will, just someone let me know.
  4. Thanks for the info...maybe we could all help by reporting them.