Watch Out for HUGE shipping fees...

  1. It does NOT cost 150.00 to send a piece of jewelry or a purse/handbag from is really all over the "authentic" Hermes listings and other bags. Also, my experience visiting all over Asia is that there are some damn good knockoffs. So if you check the shipping cost and if they have a low number of feedback I wouldn't take the chance.
    Remember...buying knockoffs support terrorism and child labor...
  2. I think it all depend on what service they are using. A Global Express Package costed me $95 to send to Asia with 1000 insurance on it.
    All the Express Mail postage starts with $40+ but the insurance is what is expensive. If you buy a Hermes Birkin and get it insured for the full value, it can be very expensive.

    But definitely watch out for low feedbacks though...
  3. ^^ :yes:
  4. I'm all about keeping shipping low -- but the time to complain about it isn't AFTER you won item. I hate it when buyer's are upset with the shipping after they recieve the item. When you bid on an item, you are agreeing to all the terms of the auction. $150 does sound excessive for most items though, and I steer clear from those also.

    And the low feedback -- definitly stay away!! I prefer not to buy overseas anyway, since there is less recourse to get your money back.
  5. i don't think you can generalize -- the value of the item, size of the box, distance and delivery time all factor into the cost. for example, i shipped a large and expensive hermes bag overseas via express delivery and it cost about $150 (that was the actual cost -- i don't make a profit on shipping). but obviously excessive shipping costs should be reported to eBay. it bugs me when buyers complain about shipping costs (like $25 for a $1000 bag) when i only charge for the actual costs and i explicitly state in my auction that i ship via ups or fedex (i have had bad experiences with the usps so don't use them anymore).
  6. Most of the time you see a REALLY high shipping cost like that it is a seller selling knock offs and they want to trap you into bidding by having the BIN very low. Because most of the money is comming from the high shipping fee they are avoiding eBay fees. It is a HUGE red flag for me. Having said that I also understand how rediculous shipping prices have become as I am a seller too and almost alwasy loose money on shipping.
  7. I've seen this before. They are scamming eBay,not YOU! Sellers will sell a costly item cheap,with high shipping costs. Purse-Buy it Now-49.99.Shipping-$150.00 is the same as Purse-Buy it Now-$175.00.Shipping-$25.00. The difference is the Final Value Fee paid to Ebay. Fees are paid on item less S&H. Might not be all that bad for us.