Watch out for FAKE Any Hindmarch 'Im not a plastic bag' bags on Ebay! -helpful advice

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  1. So I noticed there are hundreds of fake I'm not a plastic bags on eBay!:cursing: So here are some tips/faqs to find an authentic one!

    There have been ones with dark brown lettering and piping claiming to be UK ones - these are FAKE! The UK ones have a much lighter brown lettering and piping.

    Also I saw someone selling fake lavender ones saying theywere the France version - FALSE! There were only a very small number of lavender ones produced and SOLD in the UK for the Lavender Trust - a charity for young women with breast cancer. These were originally sold for over £70 each to raise money for the charity. The photo almost all the eBay listings have is the original stock photo - a clear sign they are probably all fakes!

    Very imporant!!! --- If the seller is from Hong Kong or China....I wouldn't even waste my time asking them questions about authenticity...they will almost always be FAKES!!- The launches in Beijing, Shanghai and Jakarta were all cancelled and only a few hundred sold at her boutiques in Hong Kong - and these were all with grey lettering and piping. Why would a seller from Hong Kong be selling a UK brown or USA blue bag if there were never sold there??? and furthermore we all know that the wearewhatwedo site only shipped to the UK. I've been to Hong Kong several times and there is a massive building in Shenzen just over the border in China (about 2 blocks wide and 7 stories tall) that only sells fake handbags and wallets!! - seriously!! The prices get more expensive as you go up a floor as the quality of the fakes gets better. Its a huge business there!! Thus I would NEVER buy a handbag on eBay where the seller was from Hong Kong or China!!

    Also fyi the Asia Grey, USA blue and Japan green were sold in London in small numbers around the same time as the launches in each country. These were sold exclusively at the Dover Street Market and The Design Museum. I went to all of the launches and they only had approx. 80-100 bags each time.

    So in conclusion:
    • I wouldn't trust/buy from a seller in Hong Kong or China
    • make sure the seller posts many photos of the ACTUAL bag (compare to authenic photos)
    • find out where/when it was purchased
    • and try to buy one that has a receipt and tags....(although the ones purchased on wearewhatwedo did not have a hanging tag, the seller would have received an email receipt)
    Hope this help you sort the authenic ones from the fakes!
  2. Some of the information is a bit wrong in your listing if you go down a few threads there is already a thread on these bags. were still selling all manners of colurs upto last week. I recieved to grey and friends got other colours it was licky dip in their remaining bags in stock you had to pay a bit more as you had to buy the book as well. One of my bags from them did come with a tag the other didnt.
    I will try and add the detailed photos of the real and fake bags tonight if i get chance! x
  3. I ordered 2 UK ones from wearewhatwedo when they were first released in April (they only had UK brown ones at that time as the others were not released) and both bags didn't have swing tags. Then I was selected by email to buy another one on their site to coincide with the US release and that one did not come with tags either (received a blue US one) When they finally opened up the site to everyone last month to order online I purchased 3 more (w/ book) and none of those came with tags either. (received 2 green, 1 grey) So I just assumed that since I had ordered 6 in total from their site and none of them had come with tags..that none of the bags from the site came with tags. Maybe if some were sent with tags the could have been ones that were left over from the SE Asia launches that were cancelled? All the bags I bought from the Design Centre and Dover Street Market had tags.

    What other info is incorrect? Thanks!
  4. My first two came without so i pressumed alot more on ebay were fake than they were until my 3rd turned up yesterday with tags!

    My friends got all the nice colours where as i got 3 grey ones.
  5. I think the grey one is actually really nice! strange that it had tags and the others didn't..maybe since it was the grey was one of the ones that was supposed to be launched in shanghai, bejing or jakarta.

    makes me sooo mad there are all these fakes flooding ebay now though taking advantage of people who dont know how to tell the difference!

  6. Now i need ur help- a seller has sent me some pictures of hers the wording looks good to me but, inside her bag she has a small grey tag saying made in china. My grey ones do not have one inside, my fake blue one has ( i am sending it back). have any of yours got one in? Thanks
  7. sorry for the late reply..i was in the other thread! as far as i know my bags dont have the tag..but i only have my UK brown one here...will check the others tonight..including my USA blue one
  8. So if it has a grey tag inside it's fake? :confused1:
  9. I saw some fake ones being sold in a boutique in Bristol for 25 quid - couldn't believe it! Had been looking to buy a *real* one for a girlfriend in Australia, but when the knockoffs are five times the price of the originals? Sheesh!
  10. What sort of tag are you refering to (what is written on it)? and what colour is your bag?