Watch or Jewelry?

  1. Would you rather spend your money on a high end watch or a piece of jewelry? Just curious. I used to be so fond of jewelry but love watches more now since I get more use out of it.
  2. It really depends. I have a wishlist of watches and jewellery that I want to own at some stage in my life. So I know that I can buy a pair of diamond Canturi studs now although I also want a Rolex whitegold pearlmaster watch, because I know that I will eventually get a pearlmaster. But I still get to have a beautiful piece of jewellery in the meantime.

    Sigh...dreaming of jewels...:love:
  3. Definitely a watch!!!
  4. I love watches, but I never wear one. Then again, I never wear my jewelry either... I wear the same ring and earrings everyday. Maybe once a week I'll wear something different:shrugs:

    I begged my bf for earrings from Tiffanys and I think I've worn them twice. I can't even imagine how pissed he'd be if it was something as expensive as a Rolex...
  5. A watch!
  6. ooooooohhhhh,erm, last time I got something it was my GMT2 Rolex as I feel I have all the jewellery I ever want to own,and I wear it all the time with no desire to change it,so for me its definately a watch,depends whats high on your lust list tho!
  7. I have pretty nice jewelry, and watches as well.
    although, I just browsed this forum so much that made me ordered the new rolex yesterday... i should stop reading here :nogood:
  8. for the moment, a watch ... I don't go to enough fabulous events to wear over the top jewelry.
  9. yep,I'm with you there I browse here a lot and have just ordered a new bag! I felt the same kind of strange compulsion.................................. maybe I should take up knitting
  10. After the engagement ring I would def. go for the watch. You'll wear it everyday.
  11. For me it depends on the watch/jewelry I'm considering. Usually when I want a watch, I want a watch (not a ring etc) so anything else would not satiate my desires lol. But I must say, I have more jewelry b/c I like wearing the same watch all the time and it's something I rarely change.

  12. Watch.....
  13. i agree that a good watch is a staple and should come before extra if you have your basic jewels go for the watch and then next time jewels again.
  14. the problem is the more i see the more i want...:nogood:
    my husband never say anything not mention that he is even happier to see i spend on things I like (I am hardly buy stuff unless I love and need it). However, a bit of guilt I felt for spending too much on my jewelry.
  15. I would spend on diamond jewelry if I have the money:heart::smile: