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  1. um. what?
  2. #2

  3. This has nothing to do with LV... jus the Footballer who likes LV. LV isn't even in the video... Lord. LOL!! This dosen't belong here.
  4. I agree lol! There are thousands of celebrities out there who like LV, why feature JUST him? lol
  5. I have to say, I'm a little confused too :shrugs:. Maybe this belongs in the celeb forum if its a celeb that you like.
  6. Awww, I get it. I've brought up CR as a big LV guy. He's also a damn hot-hottie! Even tho the video didn't have any LV, I kinda got it :winkiss:
  7. ^^^^ Thanks for the clarification Poufiasse :yes:
  8. :blah:
  9. :tispy: ehh???
  10. ??!!??