Watch my pugs at "doggie day care!"

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  1. I had to take my 3 pugs to “doggie day care” today because I am having work done on my house. This is their first time going, so I hope everything is going okay. It feels like I am a mother dropping my kids off for their first day of preschool. Not like I have real kids to know what that’s like, but I assume it is like this. I just hope they have fun, aren’t traumatized and hopefully the other “kids” like them.

    They have a doggie cam set up there so you can watch your dog, but unfortunately I can’t see it because my work has this kind of stuff blocked. :cursing: I guess that is a good thing because I would be watching that all day, wouldn’t work, and might be on the edge to leave and go rescue them every time I see a bully dog playing a little too rough. :wtf:

    Anyway, if anyone wants to watch here is the link to the camera.

    Let me know what they are doing and stuff. They are 3 pugs. Hazel and Disco are fawns (beige in color,) and Luna is the little black one. Also are their tails curled?? If their tails are curled that means they are okay. Pugs will sometimes straighten their tails when scared, but also when relaxed too. Heh, look at me being all paranoid.

  2. I can't get it to load otherwise I would totally check on them for you,one puggie owner to another. All I get is a blank screen and error on the page.:sad:
  3. I see an adorable fawn puggie right in the main frame,tail up and right in the middle of the action! Yay!!! The other one came up to the man working there, tail curled up, and it sure looked like he had the black one in his arms petting it. I couldn't tell for sure, with the resolution being not so great, but it did look like a black pug in his arms.:yes:
  4. Thanks LVmom for the puggie update! Haha, I actually called my mom and told her to go online and check on them for me too, and she was watching and told me the man picked Luna up! I guess there might be more pugs there besides mine. Another fawn one. Mine all have black collars on. She also said there is a bulldog that is kind of picking on all the dogs there. I wish so badly I could watch them. I think tomorrow, since they have to go back, I will bring in my laptop so I can. I don’t know how my boss will feel, but it would be fun to see what my little pug pack is doing.
  5. No problem-my puggies are my babies too. Sometimes I guess the cam works,sometimes it doesn't. I tried to load it again and couldn't get it, but they aure looked like they were doing well earlier!
  6. I’m hoping they pass out asleep tonight! Maybe I will finally get some decent sleep. Of course that still might be hard with all the snoring.
  7. I guess they turned the webcam off for the night. My pugs spy sorces just told me this. They will be back tomorrow and no matter what I do, I'm going to find a way to watch them.
  8. Now that is ingeneous!! The cam must be off now too, but I can't wait to visit in the morning.
  9. haha I tried the first link but it didn't work, I'll try the other link when I get home tonight...I think that's awesome that you can watch them!!
  10. OMG!! That is priceless!! I wish I was close enough to send my gang there :nuts:

    I love the dogs that are just stretched out on the elevated walkways.
  11. What a great idea, too funny - big brothers watching!! Love it!!!