Watch help again!

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  1. I posted a thread a while ago about getting a toy watch and how it didnt work, so they replaced it and that one didnt work either... so then i got a Michael Kohrs watch and that broke after wearing it for 6 days...

    so i havnt had much luck in the watch department...

    i have been looking at the michelle watches, and alot of people here seem to have them....

    so my questions are.... do they hold up well? or do they break after a while? i this is good brand of watch to get... i want an everyday watch to wear casual and dressy....

    this is the watch i am looking at.... but i am wondering if i can purchase a different band instead of the patent one?


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    Last edited: Aug 16, 2008
    I have a Michele mini deco with diamonds and I love it. I've had it since November and wear it frequently (I alternate it with my Omega, but while my Omega was being serviced I wore this one daily for over a month). It's held up beautifully and I'd happily recommend this brand to anyone. In fact, I'm planning to purchase a second Michele watch in the next few months (the Ceramic Deco watch with diamonds).

    As for the straps you can buy it with a variety of different straps/bracelets. The straps are changeable so after you have it you can keep buying different straps for it!

    Here's a picture of mine:
  3. thanks so much!!!

    im going to go to bloomingdales this week and check them out!

    is better to order the watch on line, or go into a store?
  4. i love my michele watch as well...i have an XL diamond deco that i got in may, and i :heart::heart::heart: her so much! she's gorgeous, no problems, and its nice to have the option of buying her accessories (i.e. new straps) i only have generic straps right now, bought off ebay, just so i could see if i'd actually enjoy changing out the straps, but honestly, i prefer my ss bracelet the most. good luck with ur decision - at the very least, this watch should come with a warranty so u have some peace of mind!

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  5. You may do better depending on the store. I got mine at Tourneau and they took quite a bit off the price for me (plus you get free battery replacement for life when you buy a watch through them).
  6. That looks so much like my Cartier Panthere! I suppose the price difference is significant!
  7. i was thinking about going there, they have a store in king of prussia...

    did you ask for them to take anything off the price or is that something that they do?
  8. ^
    I think it will depend on your SA. The person who sold me my Michele watch just automatically gave me a 'best offer' before I even had to ask. Sometimes you have to ask. If you pay with cash you'll probably get an even better deal (at least that has been my experience).
  9. thanks for the tips!!!