Watch for Petrol Spy Return on Eluxury!!!!

  1. Just wanted to give you ladies a heads up as I returned my Petrol Spy to Eluxury. :crybaby: It should be arriving within the next two days. I never opened the package, as I just might have kept it. The guilt of buying it was killing me after my recent new balenciaga and chloe additions.

    I guess it is just not the right time for my spy....well, not yet.;)
  2. You do realize that that may be your last opportunity for once. At least for awhile?
  3. Absolutely- It was just too big of a purchase for me at the time. At first, I was sad to see it go, then I kind of forgot about it, which in my scattered brain means that it wasn't such a loss.:rolleyes: Hopefully, someone on this board can catch it!!!!!!
  4. Good thing that you didn't open the package because if you had opened it and saw the petrol, you might have changed you mind and might have decided to keep the petrol.:P