Watch Diddy's Banned Commerical Here

  1. I didn't find that sexy at ALL! Ew! I actually find it repulsive. I would never buy his stuff based on that advertisement.:throwup:
  2. I did not find it sexy either, WAY too long, I had no idea what it was for until the end, and it was just awkward.
  3. Saw just the beginning and I don't even wanna go further.... it's sooo boring and really long.
  4. ummm.... no. All that to sell perfume? I'll pass. He tries so hard to be sexy in this it's disgusting.
  5. not sexy at all to me - yuck:throwup:
  6. it's not a good commercial considering it's too long... the average people only has the attention span of 5 seconds (if that)... and i had no idea what he is selling... and there's a lot of repeated imageries, which could be cut out... overall, not a success... and not sexy at all...
  7. He was trying to do the "Commercial with a Motion Picture's Budget" and it didn't work.

    It just looked like the preview for some R-rated movie I have no desire to see.

    Chanel did the Commerical as a Movie thing correctly:

    It was beautiful, it was classy.

    Diddy's was underground and seedy.
  8. mmm. it feels like all the junk on tv right now... but it was way too long
  9. I didn't find it sexy at all, and I thought he seemed slightly menacing. Not good, and WAY too long.
  10. It wasn't sexy or sensual or whatever they were aiming for - it was wayyy to long.
  11. The commercial sucked, he sucks and I'm sure the fragrance sucks too.:tup::roflmfao:

    Also it didnt look like natural chemistry. Sooooo stupid.